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What is a Box Checkweigher?

Last Updated: September 5th, 20234 min read
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A box checkweigher is an industrial checkweigher specifically designed to check-weigh the contents of packaged products in boxes.

Alternatively known as a cardboard box checkweigher or package checkweigher, this dynamic checkweigher machine can be found at the end of the production line, where a final check of the box’s weight is carried out, ensuring that it conforms to the correct weight meaning no items are missing from the box. Saving a potential headache and lots of time later!

Ideal for companies who do a lot of box handling, a box checkweigher is an ideal weighing machine for companies who produce a vast number of products, whether that be individual components going into packaging, or lots of boxed products each day.

furniture assembly box checkweigher

For example, a manufacturer of self-assembly furniture would use a box checkweigher to ensure that all the relevant screw/fixings packs were in the box along with the furniture. In this instance, accuracy is key to ensure a 100g pack was included in a box weighing 30kg. Customers want their screws!

In the beverage industry, a whisky distillery for example would want to confirm the finished case had the requisite 12 bottles included. Here they would possibly look to identify a missing 900g bottle in a 12kg box.

With a box checkweigher, identifying missing items by weight is precisely what it does. At the end of production, the final check on a sealed package/box can be conducted ensuring that the correct number of inner components (e.g. 12 packs/items to a case) are in place.

Why should you buy a Box Checkweigher?

  • Quality Assurance

Using a box checkweigher at the end of your production line will improve your quality control and give your customers, suppliers, and auditors peace of mind when it comes to evidencing your quality control processes.

  • Protection of Reputation

With a box checkweigher in place, you will reduce the number of under-weight packages leaving your premises, and as a result, reduce complaints from customers, ultimately protecting your company’s reputation.

  • Customer Confidence

As we touched upon above, as part of your quality control procedures and high standards of customer service, having a box checkweigher in place to reduce costly and timely under weighing will boost your customers’ confidence. It could be the difference between choosing you as a supplier versus another!

  • Reduction in Customer Complaints

Ultimately, you will reduce customer complaints about missing products by investing in a dynamic cardboard box checkweigher because you can identify any missing goods and/or problems before the products leave the site. This will allow you to concentrate on other areas of the business, with fewer headaches.

Why choose the Stevens Box Checkweigher?

After working in the weighing industry for over 160 years, Stevens Traceability has been involved in the design and production of many checkweighers and other industrial weighing equipment.

Having seen a gap in the market for a cost-effective box checkweigher, paired with demand from their vast array of clients, The Stevens Box Checkweigher was created.

The Stevens Box Checkweigher is an automatic check weighing system for manufacturers who require a dynamic weighing solution for medium to large-sized boxes or packaged goods, weighing up to 30kg.

The industrial checkweigher can be installed on your existing line simply and easily by one of our expert engineers, and you will be fully supported with the renowned Stevens software which gives you a management suite as well as reporting software for product management information and batch reports for audits.

The weighing machine is built in-house at our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire, where our software is also developed, meaning you will be fully supported by our team of experts, including training on the checkweigher machine when it arrives on your site.

stevens box checkweigher

Why buy a Stevens Box Checkweigher?

  • Tough and sturdy construction for heavier and larger products
  • Simple and Robust design
  • Quick-release parts for easy and effective cleaning
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly with easy product set-up

Find out more about the Stevens box checkweigher in this short video >>


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