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If you’ve got a question regarding our products and services, you’re likely to find it answered in the table below. If you can’t find an answer that you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us for more information.


Can you provide a system designed for Process Weighing?2021-02-10T14:03:19+00:00

Yes, Stevens can provide a full process weighing system. With full Traceability end to end you will increase productivity, reduce waste, remove paperwork and access full reports on your production process.

Where can I see a full range of your scales?2021-02-10T14:02:06+00:00

You can view our products here on our website to gain an idea of what we can provide for you. However if you would like to know more or have a specific request for us, get in touch via our contact page or via +44 (0) 1254 685 200.

What is the difference between IP67 rating and IP68 rating?2021-04-27T12:41:22+01:00

The IP rating system is built to describe how waterproof and resilient a piece of equipment is. Click here to see the full IP rating chart.

Can your industrial weighing scales be linked to a food traceability system?2021-02-10T13:54:41+00:00

Of course. Stevens specialise in creating an all round food traceability system for you that can cover your entire production process, from goods in to final product despatch. We can supply a full system for you, reducing your supplier list and saving you money. Stevens are the leading brand for food traceability in the UK.

We require heavy duty equipment, do you provide industrial weighing equipment to this standard?2021-02-10T13:54:53+00:00

Stevens have worked with industrial sectors, providing industrial weighing scales for many years and so can ensure that the equipment or weighing machine we provide will be rugged, hard wearing, each with a tough load cell and built to last in harsh environments. These will pair perfectly with a Stevens product traceability system.

We need an electronic weighing scale, can you help supply one?2021-02-10T13:55:13+00:00

Yes, Stevens supply a wide range of weighing scales suitable for any purpose, get in touch now via our contact us page or call us on +44 (0) 1254 685 200.


What is weighing scale calibration and why is it important?2021-02-10T13:51:21+00:00

Weighing scale calibration can be described as “the act of comparison” when comparing measurement values of a device such as a weighing scale. Calibration tests are carried out at regular intervals to ensure instruments are accurate and performing correctly against a known specification.

Scale calibration is needed to ensure that you are weighing ingredients or items accurately in order to produce consistent and quality products.

Changes to the environment such as the temperature, exposure to dust or dirt, and/or any sudden shock to the weighing scale could damage the scale, whether that be the outer casing, the display or the load cells, which in turn could compromise the accuracy of the scale when weighing.

If your scales are connected to a recipe management system, such as the Stevens Traceability System, keeping your scales calibrated ensures your traceability records are accurate.

I have lost my calibration certificates, can I get copies?2021-02-10T13:50:01+00:00

Yes, we have an online portal-based system that generates and stores copies of calibration certificates, so please get in touch and we can provide these for you.

How soon can we expect an engineer to arrive after logging the initial call out?2021-02-10T13:49:00+00:00

We endeavour to get to contract customers as soon as possible, at least within the agreed SLA (typically 9 working hours).

Will an engineer attend site to install my new equipment?2021-01-19T10:59:30+00:00

This will be confirmed by your sales representative at the point of sale and can be arranged if required. However, some scales are simply plug and play.

How can I book a maintenance or calibration visit?2021-03-12T09:19:54+00:00

To book a calibration or maintenance visit, you should get in touch with our Service team. You can email them at service@stevenstraceability.com or call +44 (0) 1254 685 200.


Is the Stevens system a suitable traceability system for manufacturing?2021-02-10T14:12:10+00:00

Our Traceability Systems are firmly established across a wide range of Industrial Manufacturing sectors, and its adaptability and flexibility has proved key to supporting applications from process control to Recipe and Formulation management. Applications range from Industrial Gas Filling, Tyre production, Polymer Manufacturing to Resins and Composite Moulding.

Can the Stevens stock system be used for bakery inventory management?2021-02-10T14:09:47+00:00

The Stevens stock system can be used for many purposes and in many industries. Many of our customers configure their Stevens software to manage their bakery inventory system.

Which bakery ERP software can you integrate the Stevens system with?2021-02-10T14:07:26+00:00

Stevens Traceability System can be integrated into many Bakery ERP back-office systems such as Sage, SAP, Tropos, Access, Navision and many more. The Stevens integration service is configurable and can support both CSV and XML file formats, providing automated data exchange between your ERP/ MRP or accounting system and the Stevens Traceability System. The integration service can be used to provide a single source of information for the business, eliminating double handling of data and preventing human errors commonly associated with manual paperwork. Once the integration is complete you can move data from your Stevens bakery production software to your back-office system.

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