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Checkweigher systems for manufacturers


In-line checkweigher machines for sale, with automatic rejector options and inspection systems like x-ray and metal detection combination units available too.

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Improved weighing precision and speed

Optimise ingredient usage, reduce giveaway, and improve your profitability

Seamless integration and user-friendly interface

Our team of experts will handle installation and the touchscreen interface is easy to use

Electronic data management and reports

Collect, analyse, and interpret data in real-time, with comprehensive reports available

Manufactured in the UK

Stevens Traceability is committed to quality manufacturing, sourcing many components locally, and building our checkweigher machines in-house in the UK. This allows us to guarantee our units meet the highest standards while supporting the rich tradition of UK engineering and industry.

About Stevens Traceability

Consistent product quality

Our UK manufactured checkweighers deliver precise measurements for your products, making sure that each item meets your standards. Say goodbye to customer complaints about underweight or overweight products and guarantee quality products that will set you apart from your competitors.

Streamline compliance

Navigating regulatory requirements can be challenging and time-consuming. Our dynamic checkweigher systems simplify compliance by ensuring products are within tolerance and automatically rejecting those that aren’t. The electronic reports suite makes batch and balance reports available in a matter of seconds too, making audit compliance a breeze.


For further quality control beyond checkweighing, we can integrate metal detector and x-ray units with our checkweigher systems – to provide you with an all-encompassing approach to product safety and integrity.

Checkweigher metal detector combination

The CASSEL Inspection Metal Shark metal detection system is designed to identify metal contaminants in your packaged and unpackaged goods. It uses 4 quadrant technology to provide maximum detection in the entire detection area.

By using a checkweigher with metal detector unit, you can ensure that every item leaving your premises is free from unwanted metal contaminants. This is the ideal solution for metal detection in food businesses and bakeries.


Ferrous-in-foil version available for detection in aluminium foils or trays.

X-ray inspection systems

The X-Ray Shark by CASSEL offers an extra layer of assurance by detecting other foreign contaminants such as metal, ceramic, stone, and plastic.

Real-time detection via the scanner and XIA software allows for precise identification and rejections of contaminated items, guaranteeing the highest level of product safety and compliance with industry standards.


Checkweigher FAQs

Can I get a checkweigher metal detection combination?2023-08-02T14:53:18+01:00

Yes you can. Checkweighers are ideal for monitoring the weight of your products, but by integrating a metal detector onto your line you get added security over the quality and safety of your products. Metal detectors can be integrated with existing units, or you can purchase a combination unit as new.

How do I look after my checkweigher?2023-08-02T14:51:51+01:00

You should have a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plan in place for your checkweigher. This will consist of regular checks to components like the conveyor belt and reject mechanism. A PPM plan will prolong the life of your checkweigher system, help you avoid costly downtime and is usually mandated by auditors.

What checkweigher reject methods should I use?2023-08-02T14:49:14+01:00

There are a variety of reject options that a checkweigher can use, including air blast, diversion arms and more. Each option is suitable for different weights and types of products, so you wouldn’t necessarily choose an option for yourself – this would be determined by the supplier/manufacturer.

What is a checkweigher used for?2023-08-02T14:50:12+01:00

A checkweigher is used for measuring a high volume of products quickly, while maintaining a high level of precision. It can ensure the quality of the products your business ships, maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting your brand’s reputation. This kind of system can also improve your food safety and legal compliance strategies, which can be key to securing contracts.

What is a checkweigher?2023-08-02T14:46:53+01:00

A checkweigher is a dynamic weighing system that automatically weighs a high volume of products on a conveyor line. It checks to see if your packaged products are within your set tolerances. If products aren’t within tolerance, a checkweigher will automatically remove these products from the conveyor line.

Why do I need a checkweigher?2023-08-02T14:50:59+01:00

Checkweighers are ideal for ensuring your business’s compliance with Weights and Measures regulations. They can measure each individual item on your line to make sure they are within tolerance, with automatic rejection of non-compliant products to protect consumers and your brand.