Our electronic traceability systems are the ideal solution for improving the safety and quality of food going to patients and colleagues. In providing full ingredient traceability, our systems also provide robust stock and recipe management tools including unique lot numbers and labeling, as well as first expired first out ingredient management.

Our systems can play a big role in the next generation of hospital kitchens – as highlighted in our work with Darlington Memorial Hospital – by streamlining and enhancing your existing processes.


In 2021 we had the opportunity to work with Darlington Memorial Hospital in providing them with a Dynamic Traceability System in their Catering Department to help improve food safety and consistency.

This system has already transformed the way the department operates in producing the 18,000 meals they provide every week, and has featured in the Hospital Caterers Association Journal’s look at the ‘Kitchens of the future’.

You can read all about our work with Darlington Memorial Hospital below…

“We did not have a robust traceability system in place to manage all the ingredients used in the 18,000 meals we produce every week. Stevens’ Dynamic Traceability System assists with accurately logging the ingredients when they arrive at the hospital and with weighing them to ensure product consistency and reduce waste. It also enables any
recalls to be carried out for all ingredients – not just high risk items like cooked meats.”

Head of Catering – Darlington Memorial Hospital, HCA Journal.


We’ve had a business relationship with Stevens Traceability for over 13 years and throughout this time the level of service has been first class. The team are extremely knowledgeable and work with us to ensure that the system grows as we grow, whilst adapting to changes in compliance criteria, technology and people.

P. Jenkins, British Premium Meats

Without the Stevens Traceability System, we wouldn’t be exporting, and we certainly wouldn’t be supplying many of the brands we now work with. The system provides us with all the traceability information we need at the touch of a button streamlining both the production and audit process.

G. Shewan, Macleans Highland Bakery
stevens traceability

Stevens Traceability are market leaders in digital traceability, weighing solutions and scale maintenance including emergency breakdown cover and calibration.

Founded in 1844, our business has been at the forefront of developing technologies, pioneering weighing techniques and recipe formulation, together with traceability solutions.

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