Paperless recipe formulation systems and ingredient management software

Recipe Management Software

Bring your recipe management into the modern age with digital recipe and ingredient management!


Recipe management across every element

Our recipe management software is the ultimate tool for setting up your production processes and ingredient management at every stage. Deployed within our Stevens Management Suite, our recipe management software gives you complete control over your production process in a single, paperless system that allows you to:

  • Create and set up your recipes or Bill of Materials.
  • Set precise tolerances for recipe ingredients.
  • Create and assign custom instructions and questions to fulfill any specific needs.
  • Design and build your wider production plans.
  • Manage how operators can use the system and more.

Recipe management system at the heart of the Stevens software suite

The Stevens Management Suite sits at the core of our systems, giving manufacturers complete control over their recipe management, stock control, quality assurance and more. Our recipe management system can fit with any existing ERP or MRP program and data you might have. With our integration service, our team will make sure there is no risk to any existing data you have.

Guaranteed accuracy in every batch

With our recipe management software, you can set weighing tolerances for the ingredients used in your products. Setting both an upper and lower tolerance for your ingredients will mean that operators weighing items in the factory will not be able to proceed if the weighed goods are outside of those totals.

This guarantees accurate usage of ingredients in every batch, giving your business:

  • Consistent products that are the best quality every time.
  • Reduced ingredient waste and product give-away.
  • Massive savings on material and admin costs.

Tolerances are shown on the terminal screen during the weighing process, making it easy for operators. 

Save your business tens of thousands each year!

A Stevens system can save your business huge amounts of money by speeding up existing processes and automating manual duties.

One customer saved upwards of £50,000 per year on ingredient spend alone! We have developed a free ROI Calculator tool to help you see how much you and your business could save…

Interested in adding one of our recipe formulation systems?

If you’re looking to add a traceability system to your operations, or a recipe formulation system to support recipe management and stock control, you can submit an enquiry to our sales team here.


    Once we have received your enquiry, a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and help find the best solution for you.


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    – Since our founding in 1844, Stevens has been at the forefront of pioneering the developments of weighing technologies, recipe formulation and traceability systems.

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