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The Best Platform Scales For Heavy Duty Weighing

Last Updated: May 6th, 20215 min read
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Did you hear? We’ve got a fantastic offer available on our platform scales where you can get a huge 10% off any scales that are quoted for until the end of this week (Friday 14th May), using the code MAYDAY21. With plenty of different options available, including stainless steel, drive-in, gas lifting, and more – there’s no doubt we have something to suit your heavy-duty weighing needs. To help you find a platform scale to suit your weighing requirements, we’ve gathered a few of our top picks of the scales we have available on our site to highlight what they can do for your business.

What Are Platform Scales?

As their name suggests, a platform scale is a large steel platform that has load cells built into it. They are deployed on the floor where they are a great solution for any heavy-duty weighing that needs to be carried out. Drive-in options feature at least one ramp that makes it possible to carry weight via a trolley to be weighed, while gas lift options can offer support in lifting items. Platform scales are a great solution for any industrial heavy-duty weighing.

High Capacity Stainless Steel Platform

Our first pick is the High Capacity Stainless Steel Platform scale, which is perfect for heavy industrial use. Built with a fully stainless steel construction, this platform features both food-grade feet and a sealed junction box – both stainless-steel. The scale has a maximum capacity of 5000kg, meaning it can handle a variety of goods that you might need to weigh. It also features OIML approved IP69K rated loadcells too, and with its overall IP69 rating you can be assured that your scale is safe in particularly wet environments. In the name of durability, this scale comes with a 5m long steel armoured braiding cable – braided cables are much more durable than regular cables and are less prone to entanglements. You don’t have to worry about damaging the cable accidentally or spend time untangling cables.

The platform sits approximately 130mm high and can be mounted in a pit or be deployed as a free-standing scale with the option of adding one or two ramps. Custom sizes and capacities of this scale are available upon request.

Gas Lift Stainless Steel Platform

Moving on now to our Gas Lift Stainless Steel Platform scale, which is manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards in the UK. Similarly, it features a full stainless steel construction, with OIML approved IP69K rated loadcells and stainless steel junction box, as well coming with the 5m long steel armoured braiding cable which all in all makes this scale a great durable option. This platform scale comes with stainless steel gas struts and camlocks that provide support for effortless lifting when required and allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The platform has a maximum capacity of 3000kg, and has a height of approximately 95mm. This scale is available as standalone, with a ramp or dormant.

Stainless Steel Drive-Through Platform

Our final pick for this post is a great solution for heavy-duty weighing that fits in easily as part of your operational setup. Similar in design to our drive-in scales, our drive-through option actually allows for easy access for entry and exit in both directions with 300mm long internal ramp drives on either side. These ramps are perfect for getting weighing trolleys, pallet trucks, cages, and more on and off the scale. With both directions accessible for entry and exit, the drive-through platform can be integrated into your operational floorplan with seamless transition across from weighing to production. Bring a pallet to weigh and move on when finished without the risk of backing up pending weighing or cluttering up space around the scale. With the internal ramps, you can save space and eliminate potential tripping hazards thanks to the safety bar on either side making the ramps easy to spot. Featuring the same high quality, stainless steel construction and IP69K rated, OIML approved loadcells, the overall IP67 rating means this scale is built to withstand heavy-duty weighing in an industrial environment.

The platform has a maximum capacity of 2000kg and sits at 40mm high. Our drive-through scales are available in both stainless steel and mild steel, and come with a 5m long steel armoured braiding cable.

Our Platform Scales are the ideal solution for heavy-duty weighing of larger items. Click here to find out more about our range of Platform Scales, or download our Product Catalogue for free below. If you’re interested in adding any of these scales to your business, speak to one of our experts today on 01254 685200 or email us at [email protected].