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The Best Bench Scales For Your Business

Last Updated: September 5th, 20237 min read
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High-Quality Bench Scales For Versatile Weighing

Weighing materials or ingredients forms an important part in many production processes, whether that’s to optimise usage of stock, produce the best quality products, or to satisfy auditing processes and adhere to legislation. Bench scales are a great option for businesses needing to weigh smaller items.

As the name suggests, bench scales are small and compact scales that can be easily moved from one workbench to another, offering a level of flexibility you might not get with more fixed options. Further to this, they are built to withstand busy environments across wet and dry areas, proving a convenient and versatile solution for weighing.

We supply a variety of weighing equipment, like bench scales, for use across different industries. We have worked with businesses in industries like food, beverage, logistics, personal care and more, see all the industries we work with here. We’re always happy to help and advise customers on the best solutions for their requirements. In this article we’re looking at the various bench scales we have available, and what they’re strengths are to help you find a scale that suits you.

Super SS Series 5

Product Features:

  • Fully Stainless-Steel Construction
  • IP68 Rated
  • 14mm LED Front and Rear Displays
  • Up to 1/15,000 Display Resolution
  • Mains or Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Hi/Lo Checkweighing and Counting Functions
Super-SS-5-series bench weighing scale

First up is the Super SS Series 5, which is the latest iteration of our popular Super SS scale. This scale consists of a full stainless-steel construction for both case and goods plate. As a result, this scale is IP68 rated, meaning it is both dust proof and watertight – suitable for both wet and dry environments. The Super SS Series 5 features 14mm LED displays on the front and rear of the scale, making feedback clear and accessible with a display resolution of up to 1/15,000. The Super SS scale can be powered through both the mains and standalone via it’s rechargeable battery, with an indicator on the scale for clarity.

Overall, the Super SS Series 5 is a great value option for tough industrial use, where accuracy is vital.

Valour 2000

Product Features:

  • IP68 Rated
  • Stainless-Steel Scale
  • Twin 20mm LED Front and Rear Displays
  • Polycarbonate Keypad Endures Contact with Knives and Sharp Instruments
  • 110/240VAC Mains or Rechargeable Battery Power (50 Hours)
  • Checkweighing Function
Valor 2000 Bench weighing scale

The Valour 2000 is a dust and water-resistant food scale that sets a new industry standard with the perfect combination of speed and durability. Uniquely, the Valour Range features a polycarbonate keypad, this makes it food safe and resistant to contact with knives and other sharp instruments. As a result, any Valour scale is a great option to go for if you plan on keeping the scale around any sort of food preparation or cutting stations.

Like the Super SS Series 5, the Valour 2000 features displays on both the front and rear of the scale. In this case the displays are larger, at 20mm each. The scale can run on its rechargeable battery for around 50 hours, or through mains power.

Ultimately, the Valour 2000 is a great value scale for use in food preparation areas, or both dry and washdown environments.

Valour 4000

Product Features:

  • IP68 Rated
  • Stainless Steel Scale
  • Twin 20mm LED Front and Rear Displays
  • 110/240VAC Mains or Rechargeable Battery Power (50 Hours)
  • Checkweighing, percentage weighing and totalising functions
Valor 4000 Bench Weighing Scale

The Valour 4000 is a direct upgrade on the 2000, with all the same great features such as an IP68 rating, twin displays and the puncture resistant keypad. However, this particular scale goes further than that with its winning combination of touchless operation, speed and durability. Not content with just its checkweighing functionality, the Valour 4000 also allows for percentage weighing and totalising processes too.

If you’re looking for a scale that will be placed in and around wash down environments, the Valour 4000 is a standout option.


Product Features:

  • Full Stainless-Steel Construction
  • IP69K Rated
  • Polycarbonate Indicator Enclosure
  • Colour Changing Display At Set-Points
  • 10 IDs with Quick Edit of Target Weights
  • Negative Weighing Function
  • Optional Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB Communications
  • RS232 Serial Output
PCU Bench Weighing Scale Photo

Like all the scales we’ve showcased this far, the PCU bench scale features a full stainless-steel construction. Unlike any scale we’ve discussed, the PCU comes equipped with our rugged Storm 190 indicator in a tough, polycarbonate enclosure with capacitive touch keys – making it our toughest option on this list, with an IP69K rating! With its colour changing display for set points, this scale is ideal for checkweighing functions being able to enhance clarity of over, under and acceptable weight results.

The PCU is a rugged and hard-wearing bench scale that can pretty much handle anything a tough industrial environment throws at it.

Ranger 3000

Product Features:

  • Trade Approved Bench Scale
  • ABS Plastic with Stainless-Steel Plate
  • 40mm Backlit LCD Display
  • Mains or Rechargeable Battery (Up to 210 Hours)
  • RS232 as Standard, Optional USB, Ethernet Interface, or 2nd RS232 Interface
  • Checkweighing, Parts Counting and Totalising Functions
  • Transportation Handle
Ranger 3000 Bench Weighing Scale Photo

The Ranger 3000 is a trade approved scale which is built using ABS plastic and a stainless-steel plate. With a single backlit display that’s larger than others on this list, at 40mm, this scale is clear and easy to interpret. Additionally, the Ranger 3000 features checkweighing, parts counting and totalising functions. More importantly though, the Ranger 3000 scale comes with seven different application modes to operate in various purposes! The scale also features a much larger rechargeable battery than those found in the Valour range, for example, with a life of up to 210 hours on a full charge.

With its capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a range of applications, its large battery and transportation handle allowing for easy portability, the Ranger 3000 is the ideal scale for those are looking for a scale to be used in every corner of the factory.

Ranger 4000

Product Features:

  • Trade Approved Multi-Purpose Bench Scale
  • Cast Aluminium Housing with Stainless Steel Goods Plate
  • 28mm LED Display
  • Mains or Rechargeable Battery (Up to 100 Hours with 12 hour Recharge)
  • RS232 as Standard, Optional USB, Ethernet Interface, or 2nd RS232 Interface
  • Checkweighing, Parts Counting, Totalising and Percentage Weighing Functions
ranger 4000 weighing scales

Like the Ranger 3000, the 4000 comes with seven application modes, making it a versatile multi-purpose option. However, in this case there is a more premium construction using aluminium for the housing. It should be noted that while it shares the 3000’s versatility, the Ranger 4000 features a 28mm display and a battery with up to 100 hours life. Hold your concerns over the smaller display though, as it makes use of white LEDs on a black background – making it much easier to see in all types of lighting than other displays. The 4000 model also has percentage weighing functionality in addition to checkweighing, parts counting and totalising.

Overall, the Ranger 4000 proves to be the perfect tool for various industrial weighing applications where value is important, but quality, durability and functionality cannot be compromised.

Pris Counting

Product Features:

  • Parts Counting Scale
  • Stainless-Steel Goods Plate, Plastic Housing
  • 3 x 14mm Backlit Displays
  • AC Adapter or Internal Rechargeable Battery (80 hours Use)
  • RS232 As Standard
  • Checkweighing and Totalising Functions
pris counting scale

As its name suggests, this scale is a great option for counting applications within your business. Built with a plastic housing and stainless-steel goods plate, the Pris Counting Scale features 3 different 14mm displays, which are each backlit brightly, making it easy to use in low-light environments. It can be plugged into the mains via its AC adapter or can be run for up to 80 hours of continuous use on its internal, rechargeable battery. In terms of functionality, the Pris can be used for both checkweighing and totalising purposes.

The Pris Counting Scale is a great option if you anticipate it being located around low-light environments, it has class leading abilities in this regard thanks to its 3 LED displays. It’s easy to set up too, so you can focus more on your business and less on complicated setup.

These bench scales are ideal tools for adding accurate and versatile weighing solutions to your business. If you’re interested in any of the units featured, get in touch with us here to discuss your options with one of our experts. We provide a wide range of weighing equipment in addition to bench scales, like platform scales, column scales, and balances. To find out more information on our complete range of products, download our free product catalogue below.