Maclean’s Highland Bakery

Traceability System

Macleans Highland Bakery


Maclean’s Highland Bakery are fourth generation family bakers and have held the prestigious title of Scottish Master Bakers. A family-run company, they produce traditional shortbreads, sweet biscuits and oatcakes from recipes handed down through the generations.

As a business we have five of our own high-street shops, a wealth of wholesale customers and we’re also one of the few bakeries within the UK that export products across the world.

Stevens Traceability System enables us to report on every aspect of production; from goods-in through to despatch. Our clients are interested in how we monitor hygiene standards, what processes and systems we have in place and how we track both the ingredients and the final product. It is standard procedure for new customers to visit and audit every aspect of our production process before even considering us as a supplier.

As an exporter we are audited annually by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) to BRC Food Technical Standards which is in place to evaluate manufacturers of food products and the suppliers they in turn use to provide the ingredients. We can’t export without passing the BRC audit as it’s seen as a pre-requisite for trading internationally. Without Stevens Traceability System we wouldn’t be exporting, and we certainly wouldn’t be supplying many of the brands we now work with. The system provides us with all the traceability information we need at the touch of a button, streamlining both the production and audit process.

G. Shewan, Maclean's Highland Bakery