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Traceability System

British Premium Meats


British Premium Meats started out as an independent butchers in Kenton, North London and throughout the years have expanded greatly.

British Premium Meats are a BRC accredited, grade AA business, working with only the best butchers to supply a consistent, quality product. This is all aided by the Stevens Meat Traceability System installed in their business.

With over 600 orders leaving our premises every day it’s imperative that we have in place a traceability system which supports us in meeting both our compliance obligations and production goals.

Stevens Traceability hardware and software is embedded throughout our business, providing us with traceability across all aspects of the production process; from buying the meat and booking it onto the system, right through to making the product and assembling the orders. The system fully integrates into SAGE 1000 and provides us with the labelling functionality we require to ensure we deliver on our responsibilities from a compliance perspective.

One of the major advantages of the Stevens Traceability system is just how user-friendly it is. Our staff are there to do a job and the easier we can make it for them to complete the tasks in hand, the happier the staff and the more productive they become. We have a diverse team made up of different nationalities and levels of IT know-how so training our staff needs to be quick and effective. With the Stevens Traceability system there are no issues whatsoever with training staff due to the large screens, simple interface and jargon-free instructions.

We’ve had a business relationship with Stevens Traceability for over 13 years and throughout this time the level of service has been first class. The team are extremely knowledgeable and work with us to ensure that the system grows as we grow, whilst adapting to changes in compliance criteria, technology and people.

P. Jenkins, British Premium Meats