Recipe Management System for Small Bakeries


In today’s marketplace, it’s important for independent bakeries to meet customer demand and expectations when it comes to biscuits, bread, pastries, cakes and all the tasty delights they create. Not only do customers expect consistency in size and taste when purchasing in high-street stores and supermarkets, but equally when purchasing from smaller independent bakeries.

Manual bakery processes are very common in small independent bakeries especially for weighing ingredients; however, this can result in inaccurate recipes, inconsistency in finished products and even mistakes in production. Therefore, to ensure consistency in product, weight control, ingredient & recipe traceability for small bakery owners, Stevens have produced a low-cost recipe management system which automates recipe formulation and stock management.

Introducing the Stevens Essentials Traceability System – A low-cost recipe management solution

Recipe Formulation

The Essentials system is a fully automated recipe and stock management system which allows you to build recipes using the production software module.

Using ingredient lot numbers, the Stevens Essentials Traceability System ensures that all ingredients within the recipe are weighed to set target weights and tolerances for accuracy, consistency and cost management. Once weighed, this information is fed back to the Stevens system with stock being reduced automatically and made available for reporting.

Reports from the Essentials system are suited for BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes.


Stock Management

The stock module in the Stevens software can handle your day-to-day stock management, including goods in. Lot or batch information such as Purchase Order, Supplier, Expiry date, Location and more can be recorded, allowing traceability from the outset.

Quality, Conformance and Allergen Control questions can be asked by the system and recorded by the operator at this stage, eradicating any possible errors which may occur as part of a manual, paper-based process.

Be audit-ready with no headache


Quality Assurance & Reporting

The Stevens Essentials Traceability System offers a range of reports supporting mass balance and full traceability. The software suite includes;

  • Ingredient usage
  • Ingredient & Lot number traceability
  • Production summary
  • Batch production
  • Recipe production
  • Mass balance reports
  • Operator production

The system also allows for several quality controls, including;

  • Allergen Controls
  • Certificate of Conformance Information
  • Goods In Checks
  • Start-up routine checks
  • Product Specification
Essentials Bakery Traceability Systems

Why choose the Stevens Essentials Traceability System?

  • Improved consistency of product recipes and finished products
  • Accuracy of weight
  • Repeatability
  • A recipe can be weighed up by anyone
  • Reduce waste by consistently weighing ingredients accurately to the gram
  • Make informed decisions on purchasing stock, labour costs etc by using the system reports
  • Quality control – Full traceability when it comes to ingredients, batches/lot numbers, suppliers
  • Go paperless and reduce mistakes
  • “Real-time stock” as you weigh ingredients, the stock is reduced which means frequent stock takes are no longer required.
  • Reduces manual labour
  • Giving you more time to develop new products and grow your business

Deliver what your customers want – consistent, quality products

Stevens Traceability Systems are the market leader in weight-based traceability and have been working with national and local bakeries across the UK and Ireland for many years, with exceptional experience in recipe and stock systems.

As your go-to partner, we will work with you every step of the way, growing your Stevens system if or when required as your business grows.

If your business would benefit from the Stevens Essentials Traceability System, please get in touch with a member of our team on 01254 685200 or email: