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Key Software Enhancements – October 2021 (Version 21.4)

Last Updated: July 18th, 20222 min read
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When you implement one of our traceability or weighing systems within your business, you can know that we’re constantly working hard to make improvements to our software to make sure we’re providing the best solution we can for users*. Each quarter we release these software updates, with details of the changes, enhancements and fixes across the Stevens System. Here we take a look at a few key enhancements that we think will benefit users moving forward…

*We recommend that you update your software as often as possible to benefit from the latest features and benefits, with 1 update mandatory under a support contract with us.

All the enhancements below are available in Stevens Software Version 21.4.

Full software release notes are available on request for customers. If you’re a customer looking for these, just click the button below or get in touch with us here.

Key Software Enhancements

Recipe History

Log all changes made to recipe steps, target quantities, and tolerances regardless of whether the recipe is used in production or not. All changes to a recipe step are recorded and there is a separate history tab within management to view these changes and which operator made any changes, as well as the date and time the adjustment was made.

A Recipe Changes History Report is also available as part of this inclusion.

Stock Location Links Added

Strict stock location links now allow destination locations to be set. Setting a destination location will only allow stock to be moved from the selected location and the destination location selected from the drop-down menu.

Terminal Uptime Can Now Be Displayed On Login Screen

The terminal uptime can now be displayed on the terminal screen at login. This is displayed in the following format: Day:Hour:Minute:Second.

Terminal Auto-Update

From Version 21.3 onwards, terminals and viewer licenses can be updated automatically without the need for file shares or manual intervention. This means less downtime for updates and the ability to update to the latest version quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Once the latest version of the software has been uploaded to the Stevens database, terminals/viewer licenses will automatically download and install the latest version of the software.