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What is an in-line checkweigher?


An in-line checkweigher is an automatic weighing system for finished goods to make sure they are [...]

What is an in-line checkweigher?2022-10-13T14:55:32+01:00

What is a box checkweigher?


A box checkweigher is an automatic weighing system for boxed or packaged goods. They can be [...]

What is a box checkweigher?2022-10-13T14:54:22+01:00

What are ATEX rated weighing scales?


ATEX equipment is needed for safe operation in certain hazardous environments where there is a potential [...]

What are ATEX rated weighing scales?2022-10-13T14:49:40+01:00

What is a platform scale?


A platform scale is a large platform with loadcells that is used to weigh larger items [...]

What is a platform scale?2022-10-13T14:55:15+01:00

What is a bench scale?


A bench scale is a small scale that is portable and can be placed on a [...]

What is a bench scale?2022-10-13T14:53:24+01:00

What is scale division?


Scale division refers to the amount of increments that can be displayed by a scale. You [...]

What is scale division?2022-10-13T15:01:50+01:00

What is scale readability?


Scale readability refers to the smallest unit that a scale can display. This can vary and [...]

What is scale readability?2022-10-13T15:04:01+01:00

What is weighing scale capacity?


Weighing scale capacity simply refers to the maximum amount of weight a scale can measure. For [...]

What is weighing scale capacity?2022-10-13T15:07:36+01:00