Traceability for growing businesses

Does your small to medium sized food business need to adhere to BRC, SALSA or retailer audits? Needs to save time and increase profits? Essentials is for you!

The Essentials Traceability System is perfect for food producers looking to incorporate full traceability and control into their production process. With full management and reporting tools, you’ll find everything you need in one system to take control of your production.

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Need to Adhere to Audits?

The Essentials Traceability System is perfect for those looking to complete audits such as BRC, SALSA and retailer specific audits. The Essentials Traceability System provides you with digital reports that provide all the information that auditing bodies need when assessing your business.

Reduce Waste

Want to Reduce Waste?

The Essentials Traceability System provides accurate weighing within fixed tolerances, giving your product true consistency and preventing wasted raw ingredients.


Need Stock Control?

Managing stock within a busy business can become a headache. The stock module in the Stevens software can handle your day-to-day stock management, including goods in. Lot or batch information such as Purchase Order, Supplier, Expiry date, Location and more can be recorded, allowing traceability from the outset.

Quality, Conformance and Allergen Control questions can be asked by the system and recorded by the operator at this stage, eradicating any possible errors which may occur as part of a manual, paper-based process.

Bowen Pies Case Study

Bowen Pies Case Study

Bowen Pies wanted a system that would complement their processes but would automate and give traceability for ingredients used in their pie production.

After discussing Bowen Pies’ requirements, Stevens proposed and implemented the Essentials Traceability System. The Essentials Traceability System is a modularised system, meaning software modules can be added or switched on as and when the customer needs it, and this was the case for Bowen Pies.

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The Software

The Essentials Traceability System includes multiple software modules that help you manage and control your production process



Stevens Management is the heart of the Stevens Traceability System. When operating with Essentials, Stevens Management puts you in complete control. You can set up your recipes (Bill of Materials), set specific tolerances for ingredients, create custom instructions and questions, create your production plans, manage operators and much more.



Reporting Essentials features a range of reports supporting mass balance and full traceability. The suite includes reports on ingredient usage, production summary, batch production, recipe production, operator production and much more. Stevens Reports also features many different export options, such as PDF or CSV.

Stock Control

Stock Control

Stock Essentials can handle your day to day stock management. Goods can be receipted into the system and moved from one stock location to another. Stock levels can also be adjusted with Quality Assurance (QA) data. As goods are received, Lot or batch information such as Purchase Order (PO) number, Supplier, Expiry date, Location and much more can be recorded, allowing product traceability from the start. Quality, Conformance and Allergen Control questions can also be recorded at this stage. Eradicating paperwork, double entry of data and possible operator errors.


With Production Essentials, recipes (Bill of Materials) are scheduled for the weighing terminal. Using lot numbers, Essentials ensures that all ingredients within the recipe are then weighed to set tolerances (+/-) for accuracy, consistency and cost management. Once weighed, this information is captured back to the Stevens Traceability System and made available for reporting. With the addition of the Stock Essentials module, stock can be validated, ensuring expired stock is not consumed.


Quality Control

There are a number of Quality Assurance (QA) controls within the Stevens Essentials Traceability System, including allergen controls, certificate of conformity information, goods in checks, start-up routine checks, product specification and much more. You are in control of all the recipe details, ingredients, instructions etc and capturing of data throughout the process. The information can be reported against and recorded against batch and user.


Service & Maintenance

At Stevens, we have our own team of software developers, software support, project managers and field based engineers who can support you if you need any help when using the system. When purchasing an Essentials traceability system, you get 12 months warranty on hardware and 3 months software support, which can be extended for long-term cover if required. We provide in-house remote software support and our team of field based engineers are available for on-site hardware support. In addition,  the Stevens client portal makes it quick and easy for you to log any tickets and see their status.

The Hardware

  • Networked System / Cat 5 Ethernet or WiFi
  • Venture 10” Touch Screen Display
  • Stainless Steel IP66 Terminal Casing
  • Single Scale Input Card
  • 110V240V Power
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 400x400mm (30Kg) Stainless Steel Bench Scale

The Essentials Traceability System can be supplied with 1 station, up to a maximum of 3, dependant on your needs. In addition, we can provide additional peripherals to assist your automated production process including printers and scanners for printing labels and scanning barcodes.

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