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Which Weighing Indicator Suits Your Business

Last Updated: September 5th, 20235 min read
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Maximise Your Weighing

If you’re weighing ingredients or materials as part of your production process, you’ll need it to be accurate, reliable, and accessible. This enables you to optimise usage of stock and consistently produce top-quality products. To do this, you’ll need clear and accurate feedback in the form of a weighing indicator to pair alongside your scales. For smaller weighing equipment, like bench and balance scales, these indicator displays are likely built into the housing itself. However, for larger, higher capacity applications like platform and column scales, a more robust option is necessary in the form of external indicators.

Here at Stevens Traceability, we have a range of indicators for you to pair with your weighing scales. In this post, we’re taking a look at the different options we have from Systec. Most of these options are programmable and can serve as weighing terminals to provide a greater level of control and versatility to your weighing process. With multiple inputs and outputs for filling operations, data storage, and high-resolution, Weights and Measured approved displays, these are great options to go with any industrial scale. If you’d like to see our full range of weighing indicators, you can do so by downloading our Product Catalogue.

Weighing Indicators

Systec IT1

First up is our top selling unit, the IT1. This is an industrial indicator with Weights and Measures approval that is built to last. With IP69K rated protection, it is perfectly suited to weighing in harsh environments where intense washdown or residue can be expected. Additionally, the Systec IT1 comes with standard or panel mount enclosures, and mounting brackets for both desktop and wall-mount installation are available. Thanks to this, location is not an issue for this unit.

Pair this adaptability with the IT1’s 127mm high-resolution terminal display that also features multi-lingual operator prompts and dialogue, this unit is as accessible as they come. The IT1 can fit seamlessly into any setup with connection to a single scale with up to 8 loadcells, meaning it can be used with higher capacity platform scales and even a weighbridge if required. Connection to a PC allows for weight data transmission from the Weights and Measures approved data storage of up to 1,000,000 results. To find out more about the IT1, download our free Product Catalogue.

IT1 Digital Weight Indicator

I/O Options Include: Optional RS232, Ethernet, USB or Bluetooth.

Model available for use in ATEX Zone 2/22.

Systec IT3

The IT3 is a programmable indicator that, like the IT1, is suitable for use in harsh environments. The enclosure is built much the same, with the same IP69K protection and mounting capabilities, for easy and accessible integration into your operations. The IT3 though is much more robust, with more versatility and a broader range of uses. For starters, this unit can connect to 2 different scales with up to 8 loadcells. It also features additional functionality with programs for parts counting, making it the ideal solution if your business requires this.

Another key difference is that this unit features a numeric keypad built into the enclosure, enabling the user to input or edit data at no cost to the display size, which is still 127mm. This keypad allows the entry of manual data for tare and asset IDs. Once recorded, weighing data can also be stored in an internal, Weights and Measures approved data archive and can be transferred to a PC if necessary. You can find more information on the IT3 in our free Product Catalogue.

IT3 Digital Weight Indicator

I/O Options Include: Optional RS232, Ethernet, USB or Bluetooth.

Model available for use in ATEX Zone 2/22.

Systec IT6000E / IT6000ET

The IT6000E is a much more substantial, programmable indicator that is designed for demanding industrial use across varying applications. Built with the same stainless-steel housing and IP69K rated protection, this indicator is ideal for intensive manufacturing in the food industry and many other sectors. This indicator’s robust capabilities are reflected in its ability to not only connect to 2 scales but to provide an interface for up to 2 scales at once. It also comes with factory programmes for counting, batch, bag, and bulk filling.

The IT6000E comes with a Linux-based operating system and an integrated web server for integration with local access networks (LANs). It also comes with Ethernet and USB ports as standard, with additional modular hardware that allows serial interface, WLAN, digital I/O and analogue outputs. This unit is controlled via the integrated, alpha-numeric keyboard and function keys, and there is the option of connecting a full-size PC keyboard via cable or Bluetooth if required. This unit allows for data storage of up to 120,000 weighing transactions on its internal data archive.

In short, this unit is a premium weighing indicator, with a high level of versatility and multiple programmes, connectivity, and networking options available. We also supply a touchscreen model of this indicator, the IT6000ET, which eliminates the need for button or keypad operation, making it more accessible for use on your factory floor. To find out more information about the IT6000E and/or the IT6000ET, download our Product Catalogue for free.

IT6000E Digital Weight Indicator
IT6000ET Digital Weight Indicator

I/O Options Include: Ethernet and USB Standard, Additional Modular Hardware Allows Serial Interface, WLAN, Digital I/O and Analog Outputs.

If you’re interested in adding one of these weighing indicator terminals to your business, either to integrate within an existing setup or supplied with one of our weighing scales, then get in touch with our team of experts here. Download our product catalogue below to find out more information about our indicators and other products we provide.

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