The Stevens Average Weight System is the ideal solution for manufacturers of packaged goods that are sold by average weight. The system provides traceability by accurately checking and automatically recording average weight data. 

Our average weight system boasts a unique stainless-steel frame and an IP66 10” touchscreen Stevens Venture terminal, which is robust and waterproof making it ideal for cleaning even in the toughest environments.

Loaded with our own software; Stevens Average Weight, Stevens Management and Reports, you have access to real-time, accurate data at the touch of a button, eliminating manual record keeping and user error.

Why choose the Stevens Average Weight System?

  • Comply with Average Weight legislation
    Adhere to legislative requirements and protect your brand by accurately recording weight data using a cutting-edge, automated system which evidences traceability.
  • Conduct accurate batch sampling
    Minimise product giveaway and reduce your waste by conducting accurate batch sampling on an easy-to-use the system.
  • Easily integrate with your existing Stevens system
    The Average Weight System can be easily and conveniently linked to the Stevens system, giving you access to Management for average weight, plus detailed reports for audits*

*The system can also be installed as Average Weight only.

The Three Packers Rules

The Three Packers Rules are at the core of the Stevens Average Weight software enabling manufacturers to conform to average weight legislation.

The software is programmed to ensure that the following three rules are adhered to:

  1. The average weight of a batch must meet or exceed the target (nominal) weight of the batch.
  2. There must be no more than 1 in 40 / 2.5% of significantly underweight samples/weights (T1 samples).
  3. There must be no extremely underweight samples at all (T2 samples).

In bakery mode, the first rule also acts as a trigger for remedial runs to be carried out.

Average Weight Terminal

For more information about the hardware, software and system options, please take a look at our Average Weight System brochure.

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Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the Stevens Average Weight System in more detail, please get in touch with a member of our team on 01254 685200 or email: