Mix recipes accurately and consistently

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Moving on from goods in to the weigh room, we can provide you with systems that will ensure recipes are mixed accurately and consistently.


Recipe Formulation

Recipe formulations contain unique codes and descriptions, versions, production locations, BOM (Bill of Materials), information screen (with images) and label printer types.

Select ingredients as steps in the formulation, enter the required quantities & production locations and then the system will calculate the composition.  Based on the default arrival weight, the system calculates whole or partial additions.

Manage Tolerances

Production floor weighing terminals guarantee partial weighing tolerances (+/- configurable). The simple to use line management software ensures that each element of the final product is correctly portioned within the weight tolerances set by management.

Manage Speeds

Ingredient Control Systems can be used to automatically control a mix (ingredient discharge, mixer times & speeds, start & stop) or work in semi-automatic / manual modes.

Manage Ingredient Discharge

The system eliminates the human error associated with mix management while handling traceability transactions automatically, so you have confidence in the locations of your ingredients.

Record Stock Movements

All hardware is Wi-Fi enabled (for factory or warehousing applications) and 4G enabled hardware is specified for remote locations, field pick and van sales applications.