With the increasing demands being made to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, The Stevens Recipe Formulation System (RFS) and the Stevens Traceability System (STS)  include a waste traceability module.

This allows all our customers across the wide range of industries we support to record and report the waste produced: associated with production and non-production factory locations and processes. This enables our customers to further enhance traceability, manage yield loss, support continuous improvement and management of the waste cycle.

The Stevens Waste Management Module closes the loop for plants that have the Stevens RFS system, providing a complete process overview: from booking in stocks and processing product to recording waste, with full forward/backward traceability on the whole process and full reporting functionality across the whole operation.

Our modular system has been developed to satisfy both the customer needs for capture, reporting and control of waste and the service providers.

We work closely with select partners who provide full ancillary support in the form of skips and compactors and provide the means to Re-use and Recycle the waste in the form of Green Energy generation and Animal Feed.

All our systems are custom-designed and built and are covered by our highly skilled team of calibration, service and repair engineers.