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Vantage 1 Terminal End of Life Programme

Last Updated: June 23rd, 20222 min read
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Originally launched to the market in 2005, the Vantage 1 terminal has now reached the end of its serviceable life and is recommended to be replaced by the newer Vantage 2 terminal.

Vantage 1 was originally brought to the market in 2005 and has been superseded by the Vantage 2, which was introduced in line with improved technology and market requirements.

Vantage 1 has now reached the end of its serviceable life with cost of repairs increasing and spare parts becoming increasingly difficult to source. In fact. we no longer have two critical spare parts, and for this reason we are recommending a replacement programme of Vantage 1 for Vantage 2 be considered to safeguard the recipe management, traceability processes, and average weight equipment within your business.

Vantage 2 at a glance

Since its introduction, Vantage 2 has shown its reliability as an industrial PC terminal. Total Cost of Ownership against the Vantage 1 is reduced due to modular parts providing more control of service and repair costs, improved upgrade paths, reduced downtime, and a more efficient operating system and application.

Improved Technology, Reliability & Performance

Vantage 1 was based on an application developed using the Delphi programming language, which is no longer supported by Stevens, meaning that latest releases of software cannot be offered to maintain the most up-to-date functionality of the traceability system.

Vantage 2 is based on the latest programming technologies, this allows the version of software to be more easily managed and upgraded with new software versions, features and higher degrees of functionality.

Fast, Easy Installation & Replacement

The Vantage 1 can be replaced with the Vantage 2 in situ, in a simple swap out process with most software updates being done remotely keeping any disruption to the manufacturing process to a minimum.

At Stevens we are continually working to update and advance our traceability software to meet the customer need for improved productivity, traceability and profitability.

As part of this programme, trading in the current Vantage 1 for Vantage 2 will also give you the option to upgrade and improve the reliability and functionality of your recipe and traceability process

For further information, please contact your account manager directly or call us on 01254 685200.


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