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The Stevens Traceability System is a modularised, weight-based traceability system created by the UK’s leading experts in weighing and traceability. The system can be described as bakery production software or a bakery management system as it enables food manufacturers to automate their production processes, from goods in to despatch, eliminating paper, with the added advantage of full product traceability. However, the Stevens system is not limited to the bakery industry, we work with other food manufacturers and companies in other sectors such as personal care, animal nutrition and industrial.

Working strategically with manufacturers to improve efficiencies and to meet legislative and supermarket requirements, our modularised traceability system enables you to build the system around current and future needs of your business, giving you greater flexibility both from an implementation and financial perspective.

Stevens Traceability Systems

Stevens has two systems; ‘Dynamic’ which is for large manufacturers and ‘Essentials’ which is for smaller manufacturers. Find out more about the systems below.

Large Manufacturers

Bakery management systems are essential for large food manufacturers. The Dynamic traceability system comes with hardware and software for managing stock, production, despatch, waste and average weight. Reports are easily accessible for BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes, the system can also be integrated with existing ERP or MRP systems via our integration service package (IS2), allowing exporting and importing of data.


Small Manufacturers

Essentials is a paperless traceability system which enables small to medium-sized manufacturers to proactively manage their stock and production processes. This bakery production software allows you to satisfy BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes, and mass balance reports can be produced with a click of a button. In addition, Essentials can be integrated into two of the leading bakery packages.


Traceability System: Software Comparison

At Stevens, we create and develop our software in-house, and both traceability systems have an extensive range of options which are configured based on your individual requirements*. Below is a top-level comparison of the software modules. If you require more information about each of the modules, visit the Dynamic or Essentials pages or contact us for more information.

* Modules vary within each system – Ask for details

Benefits of a Stevens Traceability System

Here are some reasons why you should choose a Stevens Traceability System.

Improve Efficiencies & Profits

The Stevens system allows you to fully automate your processes, resulting in less giveaway and provides management reports so you can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing, production, and waste.

Accuracy / Ingredient Control / Cost Reduction

The system ensures ingredients are measured and traced accurately and consistently eradicating costly giveaway and out-of-specification batches through ingredient tolerance control.

Mass Balance Reports & Traceability

Access a range of reports which support mass balance recording giving full traceability of LOT numbers, where ingredients are used, operator production, batches, production jobs, runs, recipe control, ingredients and waste*. (*Dynamic System)

Integration with Sage, SAP and Navision

Integrate into any back-office system, capable of handling XML/CSV files. We have integrated into several back-office systems including Sage, SAP & Navision. Integration common interfaces are purchase order, stock management, ingredient consumption and sales orders.

Allergen Control / HACCP / Certificate of Conformity

Allergen control, HACCP, safety information, certificate of conformity information, goods inward checks, temperature checks, line configuration, recipe overview, weight specification checks, and testing routines can be incorporated at different steps of the process.

Audit Ready

The Stevens system enables full automation of your processes, with information being recorded in the system ready for producing reports for BRC, SALSA and retailer audit programmes.

Bakery ERP Software v Stevens Software

The Stevens system can be used as a bakery management system because it allows you to manage your production processes from goods in to despatch. Bakery ERP software offers similar features, yet they may provide different software functionality such as inventory management and finance. However, Stevens Traceability Systems can be linked to bakery ERP software such as Cybake or FoodlogiK and this is something we have done for clients in the past.


Non-Food Manufacturers

The Stevens Traceability system can be utilised in other industry sectors, with the system setup being tailored to your production processes. From personal care, logistics and animal nutrition, take a look at our Industries page for more information.

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