Traceability System

Stevens Dynamic is our premium, end-to-end paperless traceability system covering every aspect of your business from goods in, to despatch and waste management. This Traceability system is widely used to manage bulk and high-value ingredients to ensure accurate ingredient weighing within set tolerances.

Whilst achieving full traceability and reducing manual paperwork, the system supports product consistency, quality assurance, production efficiency, as well as reducing costly giveaway and out of specification batches.

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Benefits of Dynamic


End to End Traceability System

Stevens Dynamic Traceability System offers a fully modular and end-to-end traceability package, allowing you to choose which modules suit your business best (e.g. stock, collation, despatch and more). This means you can trace your product, from goods in, to weigh up, through to despatch and waste.

Adhere to Audits

When your business needs to satisfy to audits, the Stevens Traceability System will aid significantly. Our Traceability system allows you to easily schedule and create reports, that cover all of your production process, suitable for BRC, SALSA and Supermarket audits.


Accurate Ingredient Weighing

A Stevens Traceability System is vital if accurate weighing is important to your business. Our system allows you to create weighing routines, with set tolerances, to provide you with a product that is consistent. All this is achieved through an easy user interface, with simple on screen prompts.

Dynamic Case Study

Paterson Arran Case Study

End to End Traceability System

Paperless Factory

Paterson Arran approached Stevens as they wanted to implement a process control solution to avoid product recalls and potential hefty fines from incorrect product packaging. They wanted a vision recognition system where the Stevens software would manage and start the process.

Take a look at the case study we created with Paterson Arran, showing their journey to complete traceability!

About Dynamics

Stock Traceability

Stock Control

The Stock Dynamic module can help you handle your day to day stock management with ease. Your stock can be received into the system and moved between locations within your business and assigned to the correct lcoation for the next stage of production.

Traceability System Management

Management Tools

Stevens Management is at the heart of the Stevens Traceability System. When using our Dynamic Traceability System, Stevens Management puts you in complete control of the recipe detail, allowing fine tolerances for ingredients, custom instructions, questions, and captures data throughout the whole traceability process.

Traceability System Reports

Traceability Report Tools

Reporting Dynamic is our premium reporting suite for your traceability system. With reports such as Ingredient Usage, Production Summaries, Batch Reporting, Complete Recipe, Operator Production and much more you’ll wonder how you ever survived without Stevens’ Reports.

Quality Assurance traceability

Quality Assurance

Quality Control is vital to all organisations and the Stevens Dynamic Traceability System gives you a huge library of quality assurance questions, responses, and stages to be set up for simple execution on the production floor. Quality Assurance questions can be prompted at appropriate times and associated with commodities or events.

Production Traceability

Production Traceability

Production Dynamic covers all aspects of the production environment from recipe weigh up, to finished product, and packing, it incorporates processes such as portion control and much more. The Production Planning and Scheduling module allows recipe batches, finished product, and quality control requirements to be scheduled centrally and executed by the respective production terminals.

Average Weight Traceability

Average Weight

When weighing packaged goods, making sure you follow average weight legislation is crucial. Our Dynamic Traceability System helps you to carry out effective average weight checks as well as conform to average weight legislation. For offline average weight checks (sampling), a Stevens average weight station can be set up in your production line, whether that be before the ovens i.e. raw ingredients, or finished goods.

Visit our Average Weight web page for more information.

Waste Traceability

Waste Traceability

The Stevens Dynamic Traceability System also gives you the power to record and report waste produced. The waste traceability system communicates with other sections within your production area to track vital waste information. This allows you to enhance traceability and manage yield loss to support continuous improvement and management of the waste cycle.

Despatch Traceability

Despatch Control

One of the final stages of the Stevens Dynamic Traceability System is Despatch. Within Despatch, operations such as picking and despatching Sales Orders are undertaken. Sales Orders can be entered or imported using the Stevens Integration Service for the Stevens Traceability System. The software also allows editing of Sales Orders from shipment back to stock, providing a flexible solution for high change environments.