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Pets Choice

“What makes Stevens Service a must have for us is the quality and knowledge of the engineers.”

Martin Perez | Pets Choice

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“For us here at Pets Choice, it’s extremely important to have a service provider we can rely on. We manufacture a variety of products to specific weights and measures, using ingredients and processes that require certain types of equipment, so it’s important to know there are backups in place for that equipment if something was to go wrong.

What makes Stevens Service a must-have for us is the quality and knowledge of the engineers. They keep us informed of what is going on at every stage, and the two-way communication is excellent. The response times are great too, I’ve had engineers on site within 24 hours, and even within just a couple of hours on the odd occasion!

We called Stevens out to site 2 or 3 times during the pandemic, which helped give us sense of security over our equipment. Despite the global circumstances, we didn’t see any decline in service and any engineer that visited site was always very happy to follow on-site rules regarding COVID-19.

This just made it all the more easier for Stevens to help keep us up and running during this time.”

Martin Perez | Pets Choice