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Morris Quality Bakers are one of the North West’s finest bakeries servicing clients on a daily basis from Cumbria in the north down to Staffordshire in the south. They have clients ranging from small sandwich businesses to local authorities and a range of local supermarkets. Morris Quality Bakers offer a full range of bakery products from Morning Goods and Breads to Speciality Products and Confectioneries and their range is expanding all the time.

Morris Quality Bakers offer a full range of bakery products serving clients from Staffordshire to Cumbria. We handle over 12,000 orders a week and the Stevens Traceability System plays a huge part in ensuring we continually meet the customers’ expectations.

The Stevens Traceability System has been at Morris Quality Bakers for over 20 years and has been upgraded over the years to meet both industry requirements and those of our business. What started off as a basic recipe traceability system, has now grown to provide us with the ability to collate information across our entire production process.

We’ve recently introduced the stock control module which has been a game-changer; allowing us to move away from the previous paper-based system of writing good receipt forms and labels. This has enabled our team to focus on other aspects of the process leading to increased productivity across the production line.

The Stevens Traceability System provides everything we’d expect from a traceability system – and so much more. The system future-proofs us as a business and enables us to continue building automation into the process when we’re ready. For example, recording waste is still carried out manually, however there is the ability to ‘plug-in’ the waste module providing us with complete flexibility for the future of the business.

The system is easy to use, with a self-explanatory and friendly user interface. All our staff get on-the-job training from their Team Leader and this rarely goes beyond two days due to the simplicity of the system.

As for the customer service, nothing is ever too much trouble. As with any new installation there are teething problems at the outset and the Stevens Traceability team worked on-site and remotely 24/7 to get the system working the way we wanted it to and not every company would do that!

Russel Green, Morris Quality Bakers