A Look At Essentials

Throughout this series of posts, we’re going through the various elements of our Essentials Traceability System, and how they benefit your business. Gain insightful traceability and ensure quality control throughout your production processes with the tools provided by Essentials.

Designed primarily for smaller to medium scale producers and manufacturers, if you’re looking to proactively manage both stock and production processes – Essentials is the answer. From stock management and recipe control to batch reporting, customer order input, and more, you can go paperless throughout both your production and auditing processes.

As a modular system, software modules and hardware can be added to your system as and when required. This means Essentials can be scaled to meet the demands of your business as you grow.

Bakery Weighing & Traceability

Ensure Consistent Quality with Q&A Controls

When it comes to production quality, the Essentials Traceability System puts you in control. We understand that quality is paramount in all areas and across all stages of production. This is why we’ve programmed in a number of Quality Assurance (QA) controls within the Stevens Essentials Traceability System. These controls include:

• Allergen Controls
• Certificate of Conformity Information
• Goods-In Checks
• Start-Up Routine Checks
• Product Specification

Production QA Features

You are in control of all the recipe details, ingredients, instructions etc and capturing of data throughout the process. At recipe formulation, for example, you can assign allergens to commodities which alert operators to the need to take any necessary precautions when handling the product. Additionally, you can add routine questions or checks to your recipes as steps in the process. This means you can check that operators are following the correct procedures to ensure quality products, for example, asking “are you wearing PPE?” at the start of recipe makeup. This information can be reported and recorded against batch and user, allowing you to keep on top of quality throughout your processes.

The Essentials Traceability System is perfect for food producers looking to incorporate traceability and control into their production process. Find out how can be implemented within your business, and speak to one of our experts today on 01254 685200 or email us at info@stevenstraceability.com.

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