Various scales including Bench Scales, Platform Scales and Weigh Beams



We provide a variety of scales into many industries and our solutions are tailored to your requirements.

Bench Scales

Whether you are looking for a simple, basic electronic Bench Scale or something sophisticated then we have the equipment for you.

In many of today’s harsh working environments the need to purchase rugged reliable Bench Scales is paramount.











Column Scales

The Stevens range of Column Scales are available in both mild steel and stainless steel, all scales come with a stainless steel top plate. As well as this hygienic top plate the stainless models have the option of IP67 or IP69 stainless steel loadcells, enabling safe wash-down and use in the most demanding applications. Mild steel options are provided with IP68 rated loadcells.

The stainless steel bases come in a variety of sizes – so you can tailor the scale to your needs. For example, the smaller 300 x 300mm base is ideal for produce weighing and checkweighing of ingredients, the larger bases can accommodate large sacks or boxes of goods.

Column Scale








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Platform Scales

Platform Scales

Stevens offer a range of approved and non-approved Mild & Stainless Steel scales with approved indicators. As with many of our scales, they are suited to numerous industries, specifically in warehouses and factory areas. Our Platform scales are available in a range of sizes, capacities and graduations.

All of our platforms are provided with stainless steel & rubber mounting feet and junction box.

Mild Steel Platform Scales

Made in the UK, the Mild Steel Platform Scales are constructed from tough powder coated mild steel and boast 4 off Zemic H8C OIML approved IP67 rated loadcells and height adjustable stainless steel and rubber mounting feet.

Stainless Steel Platform Scales

The Stevens range of high quality Stainless Steel Platform Scales are manufactured in the UK and incorporate OIML approved IP68 rated stainless steel loadcells. All platforms are built to easily withstand loads ranging from a maximum of 3000kg up to 5000kg. We also provide Stainless Steel Lift Platforms with gas assist lift top.

P-1000 P-1200 P-1500 (1)







Pallet Truck Scales

Stevens provide basic weighing hand Pallet Trucks through to high accuracy trucks with a wide range of scale functions and options for printed tickets in your detailed layout. Our trucks can be fitted with a range of compact indicators for quick and easy checks, part counting, and mixing and dosing according to recipes. They can be used to prevent overloading and for safety checks.

Pallet Truck No Indicator (2)









Single Point Platform Scales

Stevens have a wide range of Single Point Platform Scales in various sizes and capacities.. All scales are quality UK manufactured in a modern, heavy duty design and IP69K wash-down loadcells make them ideal for even the most demanding applications.

We provide Mild Steel or Stainless Steel models, both with a stainless steel hygienic top plate. The stainless models have the option of IP67 or IP69K stainless steel loadcells with the mild steel models featuring IP65 aluminium loadcells.

Single Point Platform






U Frame Scales

Stevens provide both mild steel and food grade 304 stainless steel U Frame Scales.

The stainless steel heavy duty, trade approved U Frame Pallet Scale is provided with a trade approved indicator, and portable armoured cable. A choice of capabilities and graduations are available depending on your requirements.







Weigh Beams

Stevens provide both mild steel and food grade 304 stainless steel Weigh Beams with choice of capacities ranging from 600kg to 2000kg and a choice of graduations.

The stainless steel heavy duty waterproof beam scales are provided with a stainless steel, splash proof indicator. An advantage over platform scales is that Weigh Beams are lightweight and portable. These stainless Weigh Beams are perfect for use in warehouses and food factories.

Weigh Beams