We provide a wide variety of products from column and bench scales through to printers, scanners and pallet scales, in order to ensure you are fully-equipped to meet production line demands.

Our range of custom weighing equipment, in conjunction with our modular traceability software, provides you with an end-to-end solution to your traceability needs.

Stevens Vantage Range

Stevens terminal is a heavy duty industrial computer, designed for harsh manufacturing applications.  The unit can be supplied with various options including mono and twin platform orientations and can also be supplied with Printer (with or without stainless steel enclosure) and scanners.


Our inline checking weighing systems enables 100% weighing of raw/finished product.  Proving high speed quality assurance.  This is an essential process for companies looking to satisfy average or minimum weight legislation.

Combination Checkweighers

Metal Detectors can be incorporated to allow the setup and control of combination In-Line Checkweighers/Metal Detection – allowing a central point for Management Control.  The software incorporated Bakery Average Weight mode featuring Remedial Run.

Twin Head Checkweighers

Foil and Ferrous Metal Detectors can be incorporated to allow the setup and control of combination In-Line Checkweighers/Metal Detection.


We have an extensive range of digital Indicators capable of connecting to any existing loadcell based bench or platform weighing system. Our range extends from a basic indicator providing information of weight through to intelligent terminals capable of offering keyboard entry of tare weights and other fields of data to meet bespoke application requirements.


Stevens offer a range of printers which can be incorporated into the Stevens Systems unitising our Vantage terminal.  Printers can be supplied with a stainless steel enclosure or as a stand alone table top unit.


Stevens can provide Barcode Scanners and Imagers for 1D & 2D codes and virtually all other symbologies.


At Stevens Traceability Systems, we provide a variety of scales into many industries, tailored to your requirements including, bench scales, column scales, mild-steel and stainless steel platform scales, pallet truck scales, single point platform scales, U-frame scales and weigh beams.