Set up lines to execute accurate portioning

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Production floor weighing terminals (measuring negative and positive weights) guarantee partial weighing tolerances (+/- configurable). The simple to use line management software ensures that each element of the final product is correctly portioned within the weight tolerances set by management.

Line Set-up

Manufacturing Execution Software allows setup and control of key daily production and stock control requirements.

Core modules include warehouse management system (sales order & purchase order picking), recipe formulation (including bill of materials setup), production planning & scheduling, finished product creation & label setup, tatistical process control (checkweighing & metal detection), quality assurance & operator privileges.

Manage Batch Production

The production planning & scheduling module allows recipe batches, finished product and quality control requirements to be scheduled centrally and executed by the respective shop floor terminals.

Batches can be scheduled by quantity, mix size, production location and yield.  Multi-level formulations are automatically scheduled from the top down.  Scheduling finished product requirements automatically calculates the number of batches required and mix size.