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Key Software Enhancements – April 2021 (Version 21.2)

Last Updated: May 20th, 20212 min read
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At Stevens Traceability, we’re always working hard to improve our systems and software to make sure we can provide users with the best solution for their business requirements and operational needs*. We release details of these improvements every quarter, our latest update went out last month, with plenty of enhancements and fixes across the Stevens System. A few key enhancements are detailed below.

*We recommend that you update your software as often as possible to benefit from the latest features and benefits, with 1 update mandatory under a support contract with us.

Terminals To Sync Time with Central Database on Bootup

Terminals will now synchronise the date and time with the central database so that the time on terminals no longer falls out of sync.

Reload Configuration Option Added

Usually, when any configurations are adjusted for the terminal by Stevens, the terminal application requires a reboot. With this new Reload Configuration option, it’s possible to now hot reload the new configurations without the need for a reboot, meaning less downtime.

New Sieve Stock Triggers Added

With these new sieve stock triggers, it’s now possible to directly add events to sieve start and sieve end. These allow questions and linked questions to be asked and allow both alerts and supervisor prompts for these events.

Stock Location Links Added To Allow Restrictions on Movement

With stock location links, you can restrict where stock can be moved from a particular location if required. For example, if you have specific stock that can only be moved from FREEZER1 > PACK AREA, it is now possible to systematically do so within the Stevens System.

All of these enhancements are available in Stevens Software Version 21.2.

Full Software Release Notes are available by request for customers, simply click the button or get in touch via email or call us on 01254 685200.