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Stevens Traceability has been developing its own software for over a decade and teamed with our selection of industrial weighing equipment, bakers have been effectively creating quality products, reducing product giveaway, reducing costs, demonstrating traceability and satisfying audits using our exclusive food traceability system.

Bakery production software is a fantastic solution for bakeries looking to automate their bakery processes. From booking in stock to production and despatch, with a Stevens Traceability System you can achieve this as well as benefit from full traceability of your finished products. Find out more below.


Below we explore some of the software modules in brief – the Stevens software is complex with many capabilities and features. Further details and information about all the modules are available by request.

To begin the traceability process, using the Stevens Stock module you can receive, move, withdraw and adjust stock as required.

There are stock controls available within the module including; location controls, FEFO/FIFO, and quality attribute questions. The stock booked in has its own lot number which is shown throughout production through to finished product.

Recipes are set up in Stevens Management and scheduled for production. On the shop floor, recipe ingredients are weighed based on the recipe steps and within their set tolerances.

The bakery software allows the recipe to have weighed and non-weighed steps and can be linked to bulk fillers if required. At this stage, ingredients are identifiable in the Stevens system by their lot number from when they were initially booked into stock.

At the collation terminal, weighed ingredients are brought together for mixing using the Collation module which dictates which batches are added to the mixer.

Non-weighed ingredients such as water can also be added at this point. Once collation is finished a label can be printed displaying the batch number. Again, ingredients are identifiable in the Stevens system by their lot number from when they were initially booked into stock.

If you sell packaged goods by weight, the Stevens Traceability software can record the weights and data of your products, including upper and lower rejects, underweights, standard deviation, time in batch and number of samples.

The software can be used for ‘sample’ checks or ‘in-line’ using our Average Weight Terminal or In-Line Checkweigher.

The Stevens Traceability system can be used for end-to-end traceability and bakery software. At the end of the production process, using the Despatch module you can use Sales Orders to allocate, pick and despatch products to customers.

Again, by using the Stevens Traceability software, the despatched product can be traced back to its original ingredients and suppliers.

The Stevens Waste module enables you to track waste in order to reduce your product waste and your costs. The software records information including what line the waste came from, the reason for waste and the product type or category so changes can be implemented to reduce waste.

With the Waste module, there is the option to integrate to external waste companies who collect your waste. Ask us for more details.

There are lots of different bakery production software available each varying in settings, features, what they can do and price. At Stevens, we write and develop our software in-house which can be integrated with existing ERP or MRP systems and is fully supported by our software support team.

The Stevens traceability software can be used at each stage of production in bakeries, and we have traceability systems suitable for large bakeries and smaller artisan bakeries.


Stevens Traceability has two systems; ‘Dynamic’ which is for large bakeries and ‘Essentials’ which is for smaller bakeries. Find out more about the systems below.

Essentials Traceability Software


Essentials is a paperless food traceability system which enables small to medium-sized bakeries to proactively manage their stock and production processes. This food traceability system allows you to satisfy BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes, and mass balance reports can be produced with a click of a button. In addition, Essentials can be integrated into two of the leading bakery packages.

Dynamic Traceability software


A food traceability system is essential for large bakeries. The Dynamic traceability system comes with hardware and software for managing stock, production, despatch, waste and average weight. Reports are easily accessible for BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes and the system can be integrated with existing ERP or MRP systems via our integration package (IS2), allowing exporting and importing of data.


Sean Austin, Managing Director at Paterson Arran, a leading shortbread manufacturer, explains how they utilise a Stevens Traceability System from end-to-end in their manufacture process. Sean also talks about how they now have full confidence in the accuracy of their data, as well as the fact they can now perform mass balances in seconds instead of hours. Paterson Arran have extended their use of the Stevens System to virtually eliminate paper and health and safety and cleaning checks.


We’ve worked with a number of reputable companies across a range of industries in the UK and Ireland, here are some of them.

Village Bakery
Village Bakery

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