Receive, move and withdraw stock with full traceability

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Stevens software allows setup and control of key daily production and stock control requirements. The reporting software provides full traceability for companies requiring a single solution to track materials from receiving to shipping.

Receive Stock

User definable stock items are setup in the system allowing type (ingredient, product, packaging or formulation), standard cost (or supplier specific), minimum levels and storage location to be defined.


Purchase Order Receive

Stevens Group Ltd can receive data from existing PLC systems to record stock transactions against locations which provides traceability.



Move Stock

Users can select or scan exiting lots, choose the new location (configurable to your site) , update values and print labels as required.

Withdraw Stock

For stock not being used in production, the ‘withdraw stock’ feature allows stock values to be adjusted with reasons. For example, ‘expiration date exceeded’, ‘scrapped’ or ‘returned to supplier’. All instances are recorded in the management software for trend evaluation.

Adjust Stock & Re-print Labels

Users can scan or select lots and adjust values to what is really visible in stock. Reports provide a comparison.  Select existing lots or scan existing labels to reprint fresh labels without stock levels being adjusted.