The Stevens Recipe Formulation System (RFS) and the Stevens Traceability System (STS) ┬áhave – for many years – been used across a wide range of food manufacturing environments, supporting different aspects of the production, quality and continuous improvement environments.

The Stevens RFS, is firmly established across a wide range of companies from Blue Chip to SME and have proven key in supporting large industrial food manufacturing as well as artisan and craft bakers.

The Stevens Traceability System ensures ingredients are measured and traced accurately and consistently without costly giveaway or out of specification batches. The system supports full ingredients mass balance, traceability and management for BRC, SALSA including retail and supermarket audits.

All our systems are custom-designed and built and are covered by our highly skilled team of calibration, service and repair engineers.

Stevens is an integral part of our manufacturing process with control over stock, raw materials, trace ability, finished goods and H&S mandatory checks. The overall design and user interface of the system is user friendly, and without the support and knowledge of the Steven's team working alongside us we would not have achieved all of the above and a paperless site.

Tom Dignan | Project ManagerPaterson Arran