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Food manufacturer future-proofs traceability system with Stevens upgrade

Last Updated: October 6th, 20221 min read
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Stevens Traceability Systems have been undertaking an end-of-life product programme over the last 12 months, advising and helping customers to upgrade their traceability systems by moving away from the Vantage 1 terminal to the Vantage 2. Originally launched to the market in 2005, the Vantage 1 terminal is used in food manufacturing plants across the UK and runs the Stevens software used for stock control, recipe management, traceability, and waste management.

After working with customers and discussing their options for upgrading, customers have been positive about the upgrade and the additional benefits that the Vantage 2 offers, which includes:

  • More control of service and repair costs
  • Improved upgrade paths
  • Reduced downtime
  • A more efficient operating system

Award-winning Warrens Bakery Limited have been using a Stevens Traceability System for 17 years and have recently upgraded to the Vantage 2. Andy Bedford, Quality Systems Manager from Warrens Bakery Limited stated:

“The impact on our production and data retrieval processes has been significant. With faster response times on the terminals, efficiency has improved in our weighing areas, with knock on effects throughout production. Both initial and ongoing support has been fantastic, allowing continuing improvements to our production processes and traceability records.”

Mike Wynburg, Managing Director at Stevens Traceability said:

“We have seen significant interest from our customers looking to upgrade their systems. Ensuring our customers have the latest hardware and software in place is something we prioritise to support their operations and success, particularly as these businesses cannot afford downtime or losses.”

For further information about upgrading, or about traceability systems, please contact us on 01254 685200 or email [email protected]


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