Manage tolerances to ensure your final product is correctly portioned

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Production floor weighing terminals guarantee partial weighing tolerances (+/- configurable). The simple to use line management software ensures that each element of the final product is correctly portioned within the weight tolerances set by management.

Manage Tolerances

Filling and packing weighing terminals follow instructions as set out in the management system. Weight tolerances set up in the recipe ensures that each element of the final product is correctly portioned.

Record Weights

The system eliminates the human error associated with manual sample recording (using paper records) and can be configured for average weight, minimum weight or statistical process control.

The simple to use user interface (HMI) enables multi-level password protection and very clear, easy to navigate screens and menu setup.

Years of production and weighing records can be stored safely on Windows Servers, ensuring visits from customers and regulators are short and informative, using accurate data based on real time production weight sampling.