Essentials Modular Software

Our Essentials Modular Software has been developed to give many of the key features of the full Stevens Traceability System Dynamic but more dedicated to the smaller manufacturer who requires product consistency, reducing costly giveaway and achieving ingredient traceability without the paperwork.

Essentials Modular Software provides easy access reporting, particularly suited for BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes.

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Stevens Essentials Modular Software


The Stevens Management System is the heart of the Stevens Traceability System.

When operating with Essentials, the Stevens Management System puts you in complete control of the recipe detail, allows fine tolerances for ingredients, custom instructions, questions & captures data throughout the whole process. The Quality Assurance (QA) controls within the Stevens Traceability System include Allergen Control, Certificate of Conformation information, goods inward checks, start-up routine checks and product specifications. These ensure you conform to all Quality standards throughout the production process.

Operator Controls allow you to define who has access to specific functions, so you can limit your operations to certain members of staff, ensuring data and operational security throughout your system.


Reporting Essentials features a range of reports supporting mass balance and full traceability.  The suite includes:

  • Ingredient Usage
  • Production Summaries
  • Batch Reporting
  • Recipe
  • Operator Production

Stevens Reports also features many different export options, such as PDF or CSV.


Stock Essentials can handle your day to day stock management.  Goods can be receipted into the system and moved from one stock location to another.  Stock levels can also be adjusted with Quality Assurance (QA) data.

As goods are received, Lot or batch information such as Purchase Order (PO) number, Supplier, Expiry date, Location and many more can be recorded, allowing product traceability from the start.  Quality, Conformance and Allergen Control questions can also be recorded at this stage. Eradicating paperwork, double entry of data and possible operator errors.


With Production Essentials recipes or Bill of materials (BOM’s) can be scheduled to or at the Venture terminal.  This includes batch or campaign weighing.  Using lot numbers, The Stevens Traceability System ensures that all ingredients within the recipe are then weighed to set tolerances (+/-) for accuracy, consistency and cost management.  Once weighed, this information is captured back to the Stevens System and made available for reporting.

With the addition of the Stock Essentials module stock can be validated, ensuring expired stock is not consumed.