Essentials production software supports improvements in the quality of your products, while potentially reducing your costs and protecting your business against risk.

  • Control accuracy and consistency
  • Manage and rotate stock
  • Improve cost management
  • LOT and batch control
  • Product safety assurances
  • Allergen alerts
  • Quality & Assurance failsafes
  • Paperless reporting

Essentials Traceability System is the ideal entry point for smaller businesses that want to start putting the mechanisms of growth into place. Crucially, our system can grow with your business – you can add software modules and additional hardware to your system as and when you’re ready.

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Gain Control with Versatile Production Software

The Essentials Traceability System is perfect as an entry-level food traceability system, allowing food producers to incorporate traceability and control into their production process.

With the production software, recipes (Bill of Materials) are scheduled for the weighing terminal. Using LOT numbers, the Essentials system ensures that all ingredients within the recipe are then weighed to set tolerances (+/-) which guarantees accuracy and consistency while improving cost management.

With First-In-First-Out and First-Expired-First-Out configurations, you can ensure that your operators use the right stock lots. Real-time stock reduction – updated as you weigh materials – helps maintain clarity on stock levels at every stage.

After materials are weighed, information is captured back to the Stevens Traceability System and made available for paperless reporting. With the addition of the Stock Essentials module, stock can be validated, ensuring expired stock is not consumed.

Production weighing

Safety, Quality & Assurance

Product safety can be assured with the ability to assign allergens against commodities, which displays an alert to the operator when they weigh an ingredient that contains an allergen. This brings attention to crucial precautions, ensuring proper handling of the product.

Further to this, Quality & Assurance can be built into your processes across your pre-bake production stages using the Essentials Traceability System. There are a few ways to do this – for example, like adding a question as a step action within the recipe formula, which forces your operators follow the step to proceed.

After materials are weighed, information is captured back to the Stevens Traceability System and made available for paperless reporting. Stock can be validated, ensuring expired stock is not consumed, by adding the Stock Essentials module.

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Bowen Pies wanted a system that would complement their processes, and would automate and give traceability for ingredients used in pie production. Essentials was an excellent choice for them and they began to see results immediately.

Accurate weighing reduced ingredient waste. In addition, the reports package and automated process gives better visibility and traceability of ingredients, including LOT control and stock levels.

Reports also showed any suspended or aborted batches so Bowen can investigate any patterns and change processes if required

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