Dynamic Modular Software


Our Dynamic Modular Software provides easy access reporting, particularly suited for BRC, SALSA, Retailer and other audit programmes.  Reports available to demonstrate full traceability and mass balance reporting at the click of a button, reducing costly administration time.

Dynamic provides you with the full power of the Stevens Traceability system. Covering every aspect of your business from stock in to depsatch of finished goods. With our custom designed Integration service, you’ll find integrating Stevens data into your existing ERP or MRP accounting system a breeze.

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Stevens Traceability Systems Dynamic can be integrated into many back-office systems such as Sage, SAP, Tropos, Access, Navision and many more.  The Stevens Traceability Integration service is configurable and can support both CSV and XML file formats, providing automated data exchange between your ERP/MRP or accounting system and the Stevens Traceability System.  The integration service can be used to provide a single source of information for the business, eliminating double handling of data and preventing human errors commonly associated with manual paperwork.

Integration modules available include Commodities, Recipes, Production Schedules, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Stock, Locations, Operators, Allergens, Quality Assurance messages and many more…


Reporting Dynamic features a range of reports supporting mass balance and full traceability.  The suite includes:

  • Ingredient Usage
  • Production Summaries
  • Batch Reporting
  • Recipe
  • Operator Production

Stevens reports also features many different export options, such as PDF or CSV.  Reports can also be scheduled to run at set intervals and printed/emailed automatically to specific recipients.


The Stevens Management System is the heart of the Stevens Traceability System.

When operating with our Dynamic Modular Software, the Stevens Management System puts you in complete control of the recipe detail, allows fine tolerances for ingredients, custom instructions, questions & captures data throughout the whole process. The Quality Assurance (QA) controls within the Stevens Traceability System include Allergen Control, Certificate of Conformation information, goods inward checks, start-up routine checks and product specifications. These ensure you conform to all Quality standards throughout the production process.

Operator Controls allow you to define who has access to specific functions, so you can limit your operations to certain members of staff, ensuring data and operational security throughout your system.


Stock Dynamic can handle your day to day stock management.  Goods can be receipted into the system and moved from one stock location to another.  Stock levels can also be adjusted with Quality Assurance (QA) data.  Stock Dynamic is an easy to use module, allowing you to control all aspects of your warehouse.

Included within this module are options such as Stock Receive, Purchase Order Receive, Stock Move, Stock Withdraw, Stock Adjust, Quarantine and Reprint Labels. As goods are received, Lot or batch information such as Purchase Order (PO) number, Supplier, Expiry date, Location and many more can be recorded, allowing product traceability from the start.

Quality, Conformance and Allergen Control questions can be recorded at this stage, including commodity specific or event specific questions and messages.  Eradicating paperwork, double entry of data and possible operator errors. Other optional modules include Stock Transformation and Stock Sieving. Transformation allows converting one product to another, e.g. frozen chicken breast into sliced chicken, whilst also recording batch numbers, Quality Assurance (QA) data and yield information.

Stock Sieving is often one of the first Critical Control Points (CCP), Sieve Stock manages the movement and traceability of the product from warehouse stock, or quarantined areas in bulk through to sieving, dispensed into ingredient containers.


Production Dynamic covers all aspects of the production environment from recipe weigh up to finished product packing and incorporates processes such as portion control and average weight. The Production Planning & Scheduling module allows recipe batches, finished product and quality control requirements to be scheduled centrally and executed by the respective production terminals. Batches can be scheduled by quantity, mix size, production location or yield.

Production can be controlled by sites, locations, operators, shifts or production dates, allowing management to prioritise production. Module also enables Monitoring and control of ingredient usage, manages stock levels and batch events whilst providing detailed reporting, dashboards and alerts.

Optional modules within Production include Batch Weighing, Campaign Weighing, Finished Products (Job Terminal, Packaging, Portion Control), and Average Weight.

Location scheduling allows recipes to be weighed across different production areas, splitting for example dry and wet ingredients.  The Collation module would then allow the mixes to be collated in the mixer terminal.

The Container Referencing module allows unique identifiers to be used to track content.  Ingredients can be consumed from the container or batches produced. Ingredient consumption can be controlled by several methods including stock locations, expiry dates and FEFO/FIFO.


One of the final stages of the Stevens Dynamic Traceability System is despatch.  Within Despatch operations such as picking and despatching Sales Orders are undertaken.  Sales Orders can be entered or imported using the Integration Service onto the Stevens Traceability System.  The software also allows editing of Sales Orders from shipment back to stock, providing a flexible solution for high change environments, commonly found in companies with high order frequency.

The optional Pallet Builder module allows finished goods to be added to specified pallets to Sales Order requirements and despatched as a complete pallet, providing complete traceability.


Waste Dynamic enables recording and reporting of waste produced.  The module associates with production and non-production factory locations, product and lines.  This will allow you to enhance traceability and manage yield loss to support continuous improvement and management of the waste cycle.


With the addition of a trade approved indicator and Average Weight Dynamic, the system can be configured so that production adheres to average and minimum weight regulations. You can weigh samples to satisfy average weight guidelines and prompt warnings to control batch deviation. This means you can adhere to strict legislation and reduce giveaway.