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Coronavirus Preparations and Product Supply

Last Updated: February 23rd, 20211 min read
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Customer Notice

Many businesses are concerned about the potential impact that the coronavirus is having and how it may impact business and our customer service.

Stevens is continually monitoring the situation and taking advice from government websites as the Coronavirus situation escalates.

For peace of mind, it’s business as usual.

Here are the plans we have in place to ensure we continue to provide the best service to customers:

  1. Mobile Phones and Laptops – Many of our staff have mobile phones, laptops and access to our network and can operate remotely should there be a requirement to self-quarantine to minimise transfer from person to person.
  2. Cloud – our customer service systems operate in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by authorised personnel. We also use Office 365 for email and data storage and so can continue to work regardless of location.
  3. IT Equipment and Infrastructure– we have equipped the majority of our people, so they can work remotely and securely with modern devices (mobile and laptop) and upgraded our security infrastructure to cope with the demand of a large number of our people working remotely and to ensure this can be done securely.

Service and product supplies

We are in regular contact with our main suppliers to see if, and how the equipment we purchase, and manufacture are affected should there be a long-protracted impact of the coronavirus.

Currently, supplies are largely unaffected. No one knows how bad the situation will get and we will do everything we can to minimise any disruption to our operation, staff, and customers. Should supplies be on shortage we will look for available shortages and communicate options as required.


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