Develop your recipes, schedule batches and set your quality controls.

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The Production Planning & Scheduling module allows recipe batches, finished product and quality control requirements to be scheduled centrally and executed by the respective shop floor terminals.

Batches are scheduled by quantity, mix size, production location and yield.  Multi-level formulations are automatically scheduled from the top down.  Scheduling finished product requirements automatically calculates the number of batches required and mix size.

Campaign Weighing

Hundreds of configuration options exist in the standard system, enabling each workstation to be setup to handle many applications including batch, campaign and combination weighing.

The Recipe Formulation System provides effortless compliance with BRC, FDA, FSMA, and many other quality standards.

Average Weight

With our average weight system, you are able to undertake sample checkweighing of dough and finished products. This provides you with quality assurance and accurate weight monitoring.

The simple to use system allows your samples to be charted, with an optional link to the divider to monitor and control standard batch deviation.

Control Batch Deviation

Out of specification samples prompt warnings and record remedial action.

The system has adjustable high and low weight parameters. This allows operators and managers to be alerted by a non-conforming weight trend (negative or positive) or high standard deviation (pocket or filler specific).