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JG Fletcher

Wigan based bakery JG Fletcher digitised their weighing and stock control processes by implementing a traceability system that also helped them reduce giveaway and satisfy SALSA audits. They were also able to eliminate manual paperwork and now store data electronically for prompt data access and report generation.

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JG Fletcher Case Study

JG Fletcher are a family bakery based in Wigan, in the North West of England, producing a variety of bread rolls of all sizes. Established in the early 90s, JG Fletcher prides itself on traditional, family values and their local customer relationships.

They are a part of the Craft Bakers Association and are approved by SALSA, as well as being an STS certified food supplier. JG Fletcher supply to a range of shops, cafes, restaurants, nursing homes, schools, convenience stores, markets and hotels.


JG Fletcher wanted to gain traceability in their production, and to digitise their weighing and stock processes. In doing this, they hoped to keep all relevant data in one place, in a paperless format that spans across both head office and the bakery floor.


When working with JG Fletcher to understand their needs and requirements, we proposed that the Stevens Essentials Traceability System was the option to go for. Our Essentials System is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized food businesses, making it the ideal solution for JG Fletcher. Essentials is a modular system, which means the software modules implemented can be added, or switched on or off depending on the customer’s needs.

In this case, the system comprised of 2 Essentials Venture Terminals, Stock and Production Software Modules, as well as full training on how to use the system.

From a hardware perspective, the Stevens Venture Terminal features a 10” touch screen display and stainless steel IP66 terminal casing, making it both easy-to-use for the operator and durable for factory floor use. It can be connected to the network via Cat 5 Ethernet or WiFi, and features Bluetooth connectivity. For weighing purposes, the Venture Terminal comes with a 400mm x 400mm (30kg) stainless steel bench scale.

Essentials Traceability System

The stock software module handles JG Fletcher’s day-to-day stock management. Goods can be receipted into the system and moved from one stock location to another. As goods are received, JG Fletcher records lot or batch information such as PO number, supplier, expiry date, location and more. This provides JG Fletcher with traceability from the offset. Quality, conformance and allergen control questions can also be recorded with this module.

After stock intake, the team at JG Fletcher use the production module to schedule their recipes for weighing at the Venture Terminal. Using lot numbers, Essentials ensures that all ingredients in a recipe are weighed to the necessary tolerances set in the Stevens Management software. Thanks to the inclusion of the stock module, stock can also be validated, ensuring that expired stock is not consumed. Additionally, with stock being reduced in real time, the system prompts for lot changes when stock is reduced to a minimum threshold. Once weighed, the information is captured within the Stevens Traceability System and made available for reporting purposes.


With the addition of the Stevens Essentials Traceability System to their business, JG Fletcher now have efficient traceability in their production process. They have digitised their stock processes as well as weighing, each resulting in reduced wastage of out-of-date stock and reduced giveaway. While optimising their processes, this has allowed them to keep all relevant data in one centralised, convenient place, making data easily accessible and saving time as a result.

Thanks to this digitisation, JG Fletcher have gone paperless in these processes. They are provided with usable data for forecasting purposes and can evidence traceability in their production electronically. Further to this, they can satisfy their SALSA audits and maintain their high standard of quality with the easily accessible reports made available through the Essentials System.


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