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Bench Scale

Artisan Fabrics


Artisan is a retail store located in the small town of Carnforth near Lancaster. The family business provides art and textile supplies, primarily wool for felting and weaving, and hosts workshops at its shop for the general public.

Artisan was formed following the success of an online business, Norwegian Wool. The owners wanted to encourage idea sharing and creativity face-to-face, which was one of the key reasons for opening the shop.


Unlike other hobby stores, Artisan didn’t want to restrict customers by offering pre-packaged wools and yarns. The company’s strapline is “let your creativity grow” and this is something the textile firm wanted to encourage. For this reason, Artisan required a scale to enable customers to weigh out as little or as much product as they need for their projects.


Stevens Traceability Systems advised on the best type of scale suitable for use in the retail store. The scale recommended and supplied was the Digi DS502 bench scale. This scale is ideal for weighing out the wools as it’s easy to use, measures accurately in grams, is easily transportable to be moved around the shop if needed, and its stainless-steel pan is waterproof, meaning it can be cleaned. In addition, this bench scale is Trade Approved, (IP65-rated), which is paramount for any business who sells products based on weight.

Artisan Weighing fabric
Artisan fabric
Digi DS 502 Bench Scale


Artisan’s customers are using the bench scale to weigh out different wools and yarns for use on the shop’s felting table or to take away and use at home. This has enabled Artisan customers total flexibility on products and pricing as they can purchase exactly what they need.

In turn, Artisan can charge accordingly by the gram whilst supporting local craft enthusiasts.

The bench scale provided by Stevens Traceability Systems has been central to our unique offering to our customers. The scale is positioned in the shop so that customers can easily weigh out what they need, and we can charge accordingly by the gram.

Trish McCarthy, Artisan