About Paterson Arran

Paterson Arran started from a husband and wife team preparing oatcakes in Rutherglen, Scotland. They have now become one of the biggest independent food companies and have come a long way from their humble beginnings in 1895.

Their professional bakers combine traditional baking methods with new and exciting technology to create the great products you can buy today. Paterson Arran focus on creating high quality, consistent products from clean, sustainable ingredients. We feel the Stevens Traceability System installed on site enables them to do this in the most efficient manner.

Take a look below at a testimonial from Paterson Arran about how working with Stevens has improved their business.

Testimonial – Paterson Arran

“Stevens is an integral part of our manufacturing process with control over stock, raw materials, trace ability, finished goods and H&S mandatory checks. The overall design and user interface of the system is user friendly, and without the support and knowledge of the Steven’s team working alongside us we would not have achieved all of the above and a paperless site.

Tom Dignan, Project Manager, Paterson Arran