Below you can find all of our available testimonials and case studies, from a variety of businesses across different industries that we have had the pleasure of working with. For your reference, digital brochures are available for download in each of our Case Studies.

Pets Choice Case Study

Pets Choice


“For us here at Pets Choice, it’s extremely important to have a service provider we can rely on. What makes Stevens Service a must have for us is the quality and knowledge of the engineers. They keep us informed of what is going on at every stage, and the two-way communication is excellent.”

NHS County Durham and Darlington memorial hospital logo

NHS County Durham & Darlington Memorial Hospital


“We did not have a robust traceability system in place to manage all the ingredients used in the meals we produce every week. Stevens’ Dynamic Traceability System assists with accurately logging the ingredients when they arrive at the hospital and with weighing them to ensure product consistency and reduce waste. It also enables any recalls to be carried out for all ingredients – not just high risk items like cooked meats.”

Air Liquide Case Study

Air Liquide


“It has been a huge improvement to the site’s capability and the overall performance of the region and national operations. Your engineers were quick to react and work out a program solution to implement the top fillling which has never been done in our business before. “

JG Fletcher Case Study

JG Fletcher


Wigan based bakery JG Fletcher digitised their weighing and stock control processes by implementing a traceability system that also helped them reduce giveaway and satisfy SALSA audits. They were also able to eliminate manual paperwork and now store data electronically for prompt data access and report generation.

Brtish Premium Meats Case Study

British Premium Meats


“Stevens Traceability hardware and software is embedded throughout our business, providing us with traceability across all aspects of the production process; from buying the meat and booking it onto the system, right through to making the product and assembling the orders.”

Macleans Highland Bakery Case Study

Maclean’s Highland Bakery


“Stevens Traceability System enables us to report on every aspect of production; from goods-in through to despatch. Our clients are interested in how we monitor hygiene standards, what processes and systems we have in place and how we track both the ingredients and the final product. It is standard procedure for new customers to visit and audit every aspect of our production process before even considering us as a supplier.”

Morris Quality Bakers


“The Stevens Traceability System provides everything we’d expect from a traceability system – and so much more. The system future-proofs us as a business and enables us to continue building automation into the process when we’re ready.”

Muntons Case Study



“I would just like to thank you all for the great service I received regarding our checkweigher HMI replacement done recently. It is very rare in this day and age that we even get an acceptable level of service but I feel the team at Stevens went the extra mile to get things done as quickly as possible.”

Paterson Arran Case Study

Paterson Arran


Paterson Arran now has better process control using smart cameras to detect correct packaging. This has eliminated incorrect packaging being used giving them peace of mind when it comes to quality control, product recalls and potential costs associated with a product recall. This has also eliminated wrong traceability lot code information from being printed on the packs.

AGC Chemicals Case Study

AGC Chemicals


By implementing the Stevens Bulk Filling System, operator time has been saved as the manual labour has been reduced.Additionally, product giveaway has been reduced as the Stevens system is dictating how much, and when to start and stop filling the kegs.

Bowen Pies Case Study

Bowen Pies


Bowen Pies improved the accuracy of their weighing processes and added automated traceability to their operations. This helped them reduce stock or ingredient wastage and has allowed them to spot areas of opportunity to support continuous improvement.

Waveney Mushrooms


A Stevens Traceability System was installed at Waveney Mushroom’s purpose-built packing site to provide full traceability of mushrooms from when they arrive off the farms, to when they leave packaged ready for distribution by their fleet of refrigerated lorries.

We believe that our quality, safety, health and environmental performance is a key source of competitive advantage for us, certainly helping us to retain business and win new business. The Stevens System is a key enabler of that.

Sean Austin, Paterson Arran

Traceability System at Paterson Arran

Watch the video below to see what the Stevens Traceability System added to Paterson Arran’s production processes.

What Did They Think?

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