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We’re proud to work with business all across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Stevens Traceability Ireland is based in Kilkenny, and our service teams are available to be on site as soon as you need them. With dedicated teams of field engineers based in both regions, you can be assured that whether you need a Traceability system installed or your general weighing equipment maintained and serviced – you’ll get the same best-in-class standard of service and support no matter where you are based.

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Traceability is key across a number of sectors, particularly Ireland’s food industry. We’ll work with you to develop and provide the very best traceability system that suits you and your business needs. No matter the size or scale of your business, we have the ideal solution for adding traceability to your operations, thanks to the modular design of our Essentials and Dynamic Traceability Systems.

Are you an independent,
local business?

Our Essentials Traceability System is designed specifically for smaller scale businesses. Are you looking to incorporate traceability and control into your processes? Essentials provides the management and reporting tools to do so, all in one system that will help you adhere to audits, save time, and increase profits!

Is your business a large,
multi-tier operation?

The Dynamic Traceability System is our premium, end-to-end system that can cover every aspect of your business from goods-in to despatch and waste. A modular system, Dynamic supports product consistency, quality assurance, and production efficiency – all while reducing costly giveaway and spoiled batches.

Ireland Weighing Scales


At Stevens Traceability Ireland, we provide a range of weighing solutions for varying needs and requirements. If you sell products by weight, then our very own Average Weight System is the ideal solution for helping you comply with average weight legislation and conduct accurate batch sampling. On a broader scale, we provide a variety of industrial weighing equipment such as bench scales, platform scales and pallet scales, in addition to our range of custom weighing equipment like in-line and box checkweighers.


To get in touch with the Stevens Traceability Ireland team, please use the contact form on this page or alternatively you can call our head office telephone number +44 (0) 1254 685 200

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