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Ideal Entry Point For Affordable, Effective Traceability

The Essentials Traceability System is the ideal entry point for businesses that want to put the mechanisms of growth into place. It’s a particularly good food traceability system.

Designed with SMBs in mind, Essentials allows you to proactively manage stock and production processes. Functionality includes stock management, recipe control and reporting across your pre-bake processes. It even supports paperless production and auditing.

Essentials can grow with your business – you can add software modules and additional hardware to your system as and when you’re ready.

Head across to our main Essentials Traceability System page to get the headlines on how our system helps you meet regulatory requirements. Here, we’re going to explore the different modular features and benefits in more detail, so you can really understand how the Essentials Traceability System can support your vision.

Traceability and Recipe Management with Essentials

At the heart of the system is the integral Stevens Management Software. This is the ultimate tool for setting up your production processes and managing them at every stage. From managing operator interaction with the system and setting compliance questions, to recipe control and formulation, you have complete control over your pre-bake process in a single, paperless system.

Detailed Production Reports With Essentials

If your business is looking to make use of stock reports and batch reports, the Essentials System can help. Comprehensive reporting on the factors that matter is a core Essentials feature. Our reporting software supports mass balance and full traceability so you can ensure optimal production and continual high levels of excellence. Types of reports include Ingredient Usage, Recipe Production and Operator Production, and can be downloaded in various formats including PDF and CSV.

Effective Stock Management with Essentials

Increase the visibility of ingredients and minimise risks to your business with Essentials, a stock management system designed as a robust solution for small and medium sized food producers. Traceability starts as soon as the product arrives on site. This module supports day-to-day stock management, full visibility of stock location and levels, Quality & Assurance data, allergen control fail safes and stock validation to ensure expired stock is not consumed.

Quality Control with Essentials

The Essentials Traceability System puts you in control of your stock management and recipe weigh-up processes. For convenience, this module comes pre-programmed with a number of Quality Assurance (QA) controls. These include Allergen Controls, Certificate of Conformity Information and Product Specification. While we’ve provided presets for the QA controls, you’re in control of the recipe details, ingredients, instructions and capturing of data throughout the process.


Download our free brochure to learn more about how our entry-level traceability system can help your business. Essentials is designed to help improve efficiency, traceability and overall profit increases. Get your free copy today!

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We’ve had a business relationship with Stevens Traceability for over 13 years and throughout this time the level of service has been first class. The team are extremely knowledgeable and work with us to ensure that the system grows as we grow, whilst adapting to changes in compliance criteria, technology and people.

P. Jenkins, British Premium Meats

The bench scale provided by Stevens Traceability Systems has been central to our unique offering to our customers. The scale is positioned in the shop so that customers can easily weigh out what they need, and we can charge accordingly by the gram.

Trish McCarthy, Artisan Carnforth

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