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3 Ways To Save Money Using Scale Calibration

Last Updated: September 5th, 20234 min read
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Businesses that use weighing scales or other types of measuring equipment will need to make sure that those pieces of equipment are accurate and reliable. Measuring ingredients and materials is one of the most important elements of producing high-quality products that customers will love, so accuracy is key. Businesses can guarantee this accuracy through scale calibration.

What is
Scale Calibration?

Calibration is a process that checks if your equipment is measuring items correctly and to the relevant degree or tolerances. In a calibration test, measurements are taken from a scale using standardised test weights. These test weights are verified as per national and international weighing standards and are used to identify any deviation in the scale tested. Incorrect scales can then be adjusted as part of the calibration process.

Stevens Traceability provides top-quality calibration services (standard and UKAS) for a variety of industrial instruments such as bench and balance scales, checkweighers, platform scales, and more. With complete UK and Ireland coverage, our expert team of engineers can carry out calibration to the highest standard. Find out more about our own calibration services here.

Equipment calibration has lots of benefits for businesses, particularly across food production, by guaranteeing accurate usage of ingredients. Ensuring your equipment is accurate and calibrated will also save your business money in the long run.

Learn how calibration can save you money below…

scale calibration

1. Less Waste, More Money

In the weigh-up stages of your production line, it’s important for your operators to use the correct amount of materials. Incorrect measurements can lead to inconsistent use of stock and even botched products. As a result, your business has more waste being generated, which in turn needs storing until it can be dealt with by your waste management provider for example. More waste might mean more frequent waste collections and a higher cost to do so.

Regular calibration of your scales will result in better use of material stock and less botched products, which means less waste. Less waste means savings on space to store it and the costs that might incur, as well as savings on the cost for your waste management company.

2. Happy Customers Means More Business

Like we’ve just highlighted, incorrect measurements caused by unreliable weighing scales can result in botched products. But what if, instead of those products going to waste, they go out directly to your customers? If customers receive botched products, or receive inconsistent batches of products, that’s going to give them a negative experience of your business. Initially you might incur a cost refunding or replacing the products you sent, but over time you might lose business with them or other potential customers due to that experience.

Well maintained, calibrated weighing equipment will stop that negative experience from occurring, and on the contrary, it will ensure consistently high-quality products reaching customers. This means customers will be happier with their service and in turn come back to buy from you.

3. Stop Replacing Perfectly Good Equipment

As key components of the production process, weighing scales will be being used every day. Over time this will cause general wear and tear, causing a scale to lose its reliability and its accuracy. Some businesses might look at an unreliable scale and think it is broken and needs replacing, spending money to bring in a new scale that might soon see the same wear and tear. In reality, that scale could have simply been calibrated to get it back on track with accurate, reliable weighing.

Making sure your scales are calibrated can help you avoid unnecessary expenditure on scales that might not be needed.

As experts in servicing manufacturing and production equipment, we know the value of keeping your line running as efficiently and as cost-effective as possible. Calibration will enable you to do exactly this. If you think your equipment needs calibrating, or if you’d like to learn more about this process, you can find more information on our own Certified calibration services here.

We’re driven to help support businesses and their production lines by providing service solution such as preventative maintenance, repairs, replacements, and emergency breakdown cover.

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