Last month we looked at the 5 key features of our recipe management software, Production Dynamic, and how each benefits you and your business. We thought it’d be worth going beyond that to look at some of the things you can do in Production Dynamic that perhaps you might have missed, but go a long way in making your everyday operations as easy as possible. In this post, we’re doing exactly that, with 3 things you might have missed.

1. Stock Requirements Overview

Know exactly what you need for a recipe, and what’s available to you with the Stock Requirements Overview screen. It can be displayed both at Batch Start and Batch Resume and is beneficial for displaying the currently available stock for the necessary commodity steps that are a part of the recipe set to be produced. The Stock Requirements Overview shows information such as visible stock, the quantity for a single batch, and the actual quantity required for the proposed job (see image below).

As shown in the image above, this overview displays two different types of stock. ‘In Stock’ refers to the total amount of stock your business has on-site, across all locations. ‘Visible Stock’ can be very informative in that it refers to the specific stock that is available at just that terminal. This screen will also show the amount needed for a single batch, as well as the total amount needed to complete all proposed batches in the job. The key benefit here is the ability to see current and real-time stock values so you and your operators can ensure there is enough stock to carry out production before proceeding.

2. Recipe Descriptions

Another informative feature of Production Dynamic is the ability to add descriptions to recipes where you can add notes or instructions and even images which are then shown on the terminal (as below) to the operators at the start of a batch or by selecting Recipe Description from the Menu.

The images displayed are useful for operators as they have a visualisation of what the finished batch should look like. These descriptions are particularly useful in cases where recipes need to have any special requirements or points of note that are significant for the operator to be aware of. Recipe Descriptions are just another way that Production Dynamic helps to minimise mistakes in production and maintain consistency throughout.

3. Menu Buttons

When using the production module, you and your operators have access to a number of functions on the fly that will allow you to perform a variety of actions. During a task, you can open the menu to quickly access functions such as:

Change Lot Number – Allows the lot number to be changed for the commodity currently being weighed out.

Change Container – Allows the container that is being used to be changed on the fly.

Skip Step – This can be used to skip the step without having to edit the recipe in the case of a particular ingredient not being available

Non-Weighed Override – If the current step is a weighed one then you can override this and make it non weighed, instead prompting the operator for the amount to be added.

The Production Dynamic software is a key component of our Stevens Dynamic Traceability System. Find out more about the Dynamic Traceability System here, or download a free brochure below. If you’re interested in implementing it within your business, speak to one of our experts today on 01254 685200 or email us at

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